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When people approach us for home healthcare services for elderly, we at HealthAbove60, will not just dust our hands right after doing our regular job. We try to serve a bit extra. Just a bit that reinforces the elderly to live a quality life. Just a bit that strengthens their body and mind. The little bit that makes them feel secure and cared. We are not just a home healthcare provider, we are a bit more. Read one of our success stories where we improved the life of an 89 old mother and made her feel secure while her son was away.

The son of that 89 year old completely bedridden lady, approached us for nursing assistance as he will be away for a short period. We made our first visit to that home in CIT Nagar in mid-November 2015. The old lady was inside a room that is in close condition and doesn’t have much air flow. We requested and explained the need to be shifted to the hall which was well ventilated. She refused, however we managed to convince her and shifted her bed to the hall. We took a brief history of her medical history and got to know her interests. We came to know that like any other elderly people, she also was interested in spirituality. Apart from taking care of her core health needs, we encouraged her to watch the spiritual channels on TV. Time to time we started taking her out on a wheelchair and made her engage a bit more with the outside environment.

Simultaneously, we arranged a physiotherapist visit post discussing with her son and made her to do small exercises. We also assessed her in the Physiotherapy aspect and started giving treatment for her extreme arthritis with the help of multiple treatment options like ultrasound therapy and muscle strength exercises. We attained some progress in her rigidity and made the wheelchair outing more frequent. Gradually, we improved the intensity of exercises and helped her to walk with the help of an aid. She cooperated well to all our approaches and made vigorous progress. She started walking within the apartment space during evenings, with the help of an arm stick.

Her son returned from abroad and astonished to see the transformation in his mother’s life. He thanked us whole heartedly which we could feel by the look on his face. Our committed service did not end there. We are continuing to assist the old lady and have already developed a special bond between us.

92 year old female from Chennai with multiple medical comorbidities reached us over phone for intermittent abdominal pain and urinary retention problem. Her past medical problems are diabetes mellitus, coronary artery disease, hyperlipidemia, Parkinson disease, low vitamin D levels. She was bed bound and occasionally walks with support, but her gait was quite unstable. Managing patients who are bed bound, unstable gait with high risk of falls, multiple medical problems taking multiple drugs is really challenging to us. In view of above multiple problems, son wants to admit her in a hospital, but patient is not willing for that and interested to get home based, patient centered, holistic, comfort care. Recently few months back she was started on new drug for over active bladder (urgency and increased urinary frequency) and now since few days she was complaining of low abdominal pain and even repeated treatments did not cure her urinary infection.

We made a home visit, after detailed history and examination we found there was a distended urinary bladder secondary to retained urine in bladder. She was on multiple drugs (polypharmacy), we carefully reviewed her total drug list and noticed new tablet that was started to treat urinary urgency might be the reason for causing present problem i.e low abdominal pain and urinary retention. We advised to stop taking this drug for few days, she responded well with this deprescription plan. Her abdominal pain, urinary retention and the infection were resolved and no further complaints of urinary urgency or increased urinary frequency.

In view of unstable gait, high risk of fall; we suggested to get assistance from our home health aid, physiotherapy. This service gave immense satisfaction to patient and entire family.

Falls can be fatal in old age, which is fragile like a glass. They should be avoided with extreme care and caution. However, our efforts would not suffice sometimes if the fate has different plans for us. Read this success story of HealthAbove60 that describes how a 71 year old lady survived a major hipbone injury.

The self-relying 71 year-old-lady didn’t know a mere fall from the sofa on that day would lead to a major hip surgery. She was sitting on a sofa when she accidentally fell down from it. She landed on her hipbone which has eventually broken. Until that day, she was in a very good health condition even without any usual ailments like diabetes or hypertension that observed in most of the elderly.

That fall made her to undergo an emergency and a major hip surgery. Followed by the surgery, she was completely bedridden for the next few weeks. It was a painful task to perform any daily activities and that is when her members approached the HealthAbove60 team. The team has provided the complete nursing assistance round the clock for her post-operative care. The team has also arranged a Physiotherapist who visited her home for post- operative exercises for 21 days in a row. The painful days were ended and the reinforced old lady was back on her feet. The sky was the limit for the happiness of her children and there were no words for their gratitude towards the HealthAbove60 team.

Helathabove60 still continues to support the old lady with nursing assistance to take daily medications, food and to take care of her complete health needs. The beloved mother and grandma started performing her regular activities as her health continues to be in great condition. When we ask her – how she’s feeling, she would reply – “Never lived so much! Thank you.”

Mrs. Pramila (name changed) was a very active person and was a single parent. She brought up and took care of her children all by herself, who are now settled abroad. She was staying alone in Vanuvampet, Chennai.

During the past one year, she started to develop symptoms related to dementia and also went to a stage of severe depression where she could remember only her son who is in abroad.

They consulted many doctors and was given various medications which were helpful for a few days but she went back to the same condition within few days. Her son was forced to rush to Chennai due to this condition.

He contacted Healthabove60 and we initially arranged a Nursing service for both the shifts to take care of her, since she had sleepless nights and was also restless during the day due to her health condition. Our Doctor visited her upon the request and he analyzed her complete history, identified her illness and started treating her with slight modifications in her medications and also added various other treatment modalities to the treatment plan.

The nurses deployed there worked with great compassion and patience. They got her engaged in the daily care plan by understanding the importance of her prognosis. She was given the physical and the psychological care by the nurses, even though they faced rough situations due to her illness.

With the holistic nursing care along with the proper medications we were able to see tremendous changes in a span of three months’ time and now she has become completely alright, staying alone in the same house. She has got back the confidence and living her own peaceful life. Visit by her children every alternate month gives her more confidence and also gives her the self-respect. When we called her for the general feedback she gratefully expressed her thanks and wished our Doctor, Nurses and the Administration team. We consider this as a great success stone for Healthabove60.

It is always difficult for a single daughter to live abroad leaving her parents back home, especially when both are sick. Mrs.Haripriya was in such a situation when she emailed Healthabove60 from Australia, seeking medical help for her parents staying alone in an apartment at T.Nagar, Chennai.

Both her parents were aged above 75 and the only help they received was from a maid who attended them for four hours in a day. Rest of the time they were alone and their interaction with the neighbors was very minimal, as everyone were keeping busy with their own life. Her father Mr.Krishnan was better off compared to her mother Mrs.Kothai, as he had to only manage with his Blood pressure and Diabetes. But Mrs.Kothai was a parkinson’s disease patient, with difficulty in walking and tremors of hand, making it difficult for her to assist her husband in routine household works.

The only time they go for their medical review is when their daughter visits them once in two years. During acute illnesses, with great difficulty they had to arrange for a cab, travel to the hospital and spend at least half a day there, even if the problem is minor. So, Mrs.Haripriya felt that the services offered by Healthabove60 would be of major help to her. Initially she wanted a doctor to assess their health condition and then a staff to attend to them during the day.

Immediately we arranged for a doctor visit and during thevery first visit itself our doctor could feel the excitement and happiness in her parents. The main reason for that was they got a chance to spend more time with a doctor and share both their physical and emotional problems, which normally doesn’t happen in any doctor consultation. Till now our doctor has visited them three times in a span of six months, and the changes that have happened in them has immensely satisfied Mrs.Haripriya, who in her own words tells that Healthabove60 has finally given her the peace that she has been longing for.

As per her request, we are also sending a female attender to help their parents during the day. This has made their life much easier and has given them the confidence that someone reliable is always around them. Apart from this our office staffs constantly keep touch with them, listen to their grievances and offer ideal solutions. Also, we offer them other medical services like medicine deliveries and intermittent physiotherapy sessions.

So, in short, Mrs.Haripriya happily does her job in Australia, while we at Healthabove60 happily serve her parents at Chennai.

A son of an 85-year-old patient noticed on that day that his mother was in a state of acute confusion. She was not responding to calls and completely bed bound suddenly. Until that day, she was very active and independent in doing her activities of daily living. She was a known case of hypertension and was on medication for blood pressure. She has no other major health issues.

Her Son approached us over the phone and our doctor’s team immediately scheduled a home visit. The doctor called it an emergency situation as her blood pressure was at an alarming rate with high respiratory rate and peripheries are cold. However, blood sugar levels were normal. But, the patient eyes were open and they were not blinking. Also, she was not responding to calls and there was no body moment. This frightened her family members. We assure them and took a detailed note of her medical history and perused her medical records. Without wasting much of time, we gave medication to stabilize the condition temporarily and informed the son that she needs to be rushed to the hospital immediately as the condition seems to be sepsis and needs a battery of blood investigations, intravenous fluids, and antibiotics.

We helped the family in arranging the ambulance and immediately shifted to a hospital where she was admitted in the intensive care unit. She was given the necessary treatment and the day passed as best way possible as it could. From the day of admission, our team member made frequent visits to the hospital and closely monitored her progress till the day of discharge. At home, the recovered mother slowly started taking food and responding well to family members’ calls. When the things got settled down, we received a call from the family members one day that expressed their heartfelt thanks for bringing smiles back on their faces. We are sure, soon the strengthened senior lady will start doing her daily activities on her own.

During first visit to her home, an 87-year old T-Nagar based female who resides with her daughter, complained of recurrent dizziness while getting up from the bed and while walking. This fatigue feel became intense over the period of past 2 weeks. She was able to walk comfortably without any assistance. However, it became a difficult task for her for the past two weeks.

She is a known case of hypertension and diabetes mellitus and had been diagnosed for heart block before 10 years and a permanent pacemaker had been placed. Except the health issues mentioned above, she doesn’t have any other health related issues. Her hearing and vision are in good condition, and she is able to communicate her health concerns without any confusion.

Post jotting down key details from her past medical records, we examined her vitals and found the pulse rate was 40 bpm and was irregular. We presumed she was facing fatigue and dizziness due to the low heart rate and advised to take an ECG as soon as possible. As per ECG reports, the heart rate was as low as 32 bpm. We made another visit to her home, as soon as we saw the reports. As suspected, the patient was suffering from increased dizziness and the heart rate was fluctuating at an alarming rate of 16 to 20 bpm. Since we completely know her medical history, and there were no major symptoms that can be related to other health issues, we suspect there must be a defect with the permanent pacemaker at heart that was placed 10 years ago.

Avoiding any further delay, we immediately arranged a consultation with a Cardiologist on the priority basis and made all the necessary arrangements to shift the patient to the hospital. She was taken to the Cath lab first and then shifted to cardiac care unit with unstable renal parameters and vitals. However, we managed to keep the situation under control with the help of immediate treatment and the day finally passed in the best positive way.

From the day of admission to discharge, every day our team member closely followed up on the progress. Finally, she was discharged in a stable condition and no words can express the happiness in the faces of her children after seeing their mother in stable condition.

Mr. Mohammad (name changed) was suffering from a bleeding ulcerated wound over a large tumor in his inner aspect of thigh region and pubic region for more than three years. He was taking several treatments for more than three years but failed to get any good outcome.

Our doctor had re-arranged the drugs which he was taking and prescribed an appropriate antibiotic after the necessary investigations were completed. As wound had to be dressed up on a daily basis, nurses were deputed from Healthabove60.

Doctor also suggested some alternative treatment modalities along with the prescribed medicines wherein a tremendous change was noticed in the wound. Infection levels came down drastically which pushed away the foul smell and we were able to see a good blood circulation and the wound started to shrink which helped him to improve psychologically as well.

He is now able to do all his daily needs by himself and also able to walk inside the house which helped him to overcome from the severe depression. When we called him recently for the feedback he directly spoke to us with the great positive energy and he also told that he is back to his routine life because of the multidisciplinary team effort given by us. His son showed his grateful attitude to us for bringing his father’s life back to normal and also for bringing him out of the depression. They are able to focus in their work and business as this gives us immense pleasure on the services we have rendered.

Mrs.Karpagam, 79yrs, living in an apartment with her 85 yr old husband,approached Healthabove60 through their neighbor for a Doctor visit, as she was suffering from cough and fever. She did not have children and was attended by her relatives once in a while.

While treating her, our doctor found that Mrs.Karpagam was not moving her lower limbs normally, due to stiffness of the knee joints. When enquired, she informed that her knees have been like this for almost 10 years and she was unable to get a proper treatment, as no one could spare sometime for her treatment. This problem was making her impossible to get out of the bed, as she was not able to extend her leg from the flexed position. Even to get up and sit at the corner of the bed, she was requiring assistance.

Our doctor counseled her and advised her, a few sessions of physiotherapy would greatly help her in reducing the joint stiffness and pain, and in bringing back movements of the knee. She got convinced and expressed her willingness to undergo the therapy. So, a suitable physiotherapist was identified and treatment began after her fever subsided.

After starting the therapy, we were in constant touch withMrs.Karpagam every week to get her feedback. After one week of therapy, she spoke to us happily about her progress and thanked us immensely for the unexpected suggestion we gave her. The reason for her new found happiness was because, she had totally made up her mind that it is the end of the road for her, as far as her knees were concerned.

The progress continued positively for the next couple of weeks and by the end of one month of therapy she had a massive improvement. She was able to get up from bed and go to the toilet with only minimum assistance. Earlier, it was a different scenario for her as she had to be constantly put on diapers, which used to be changed by the home care attender appointed by Healthabove60.

Today we have become the single point of contact for all her and as well her husband’s medical needs. She considers our staffs as members of her own family and hence our relationship with her is no more just professional, but become personal.

We at Healthabove60 are very glad to have served Mrs.Karpagam as a team – Doctor,Physiotherapist,Attender,Supportive staff – and in bringing back a healthy smile in her face, especially considering the fact that she doesn’t have children to support her at this last phase of life.

Disclaimer: The patient’s name has been changed to maintain anonymity.

Mrs.Suseela from Madippakam contacted Healthabove60 to enquire about the doctor services we offer as she was looking for a consultation for her 76 year old mother Mrs.Shenbagavalli, who was staying along with her husband at West Mambalam.

The visit was planned a day in advance and our doctor was received by Suseela herself and she spent a couple of minutes with the doctor, briefing about the history of the patient.

She mentioned that her mother has been taking medicines for her ailments for a long time, but has been refusing to visit the treating doctor for a review. She had not undergone any blood investigations in the last two years and has been repeating the same medicines as prescribed earlier.

This being the reason Suseela wanted the doctor to assess her mother and change the prescription, if required. She also mentioned that the information to her mother on the visit of the doctor was not informed earlier as she might resist and avoid the consultation if told earlier, so she had to caution the doctor to handle her accordingly.

Understanding the situation, our doctor spoke to the patientMrs.Shenbagavalli in a kind manner and enquired about her general health. Slowly the interaction was made interesting and as the session continued, she became more receptive and cooperated well for the examination. She even agreed for a home blood collection so her blood parameters could be checked.

After the consultation, Suseela was very happy and thanked the doctor for his kind and understanding approach towards her mother. She had not expected that this consultation would go on smoothly knowing her mother’s reactions.She even expressed her desire to have frequent such visits so that her parents would be benefitted rather than convincing them for a consultation at a doctor’s clinic.

When the patient investigation reports arrived, based on the readings and findings our doctor felt that she was unnecessarily taking few medicines and some of her medicine’s dosage hadto be adjusted. The same was explained to her daughter Suseela and a new prescription was given.

After ten days, a regular follow up was done by the team of Healthabove60 to get the feedback from Suseela on her mother’s health, she expressed that her mother is doing very fine and is looking forward for the next doctor visit. So, she requested us to fix for an appointment after two weeks. She also expressed her satisfaction regarding the services provided by Healthabove60.

She immensely thanked us saying that she is more peaceful nowadays, as she is able to give good medical care for her aged parents, at the convenience of their home, especially when they are staying away from her.

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