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We enhance elderly lives by providing better quality treatment at the comfort of your home. Our doctors and paramedics who are dedicated and committed towards the senior generation wellbeing are medical minded and empathetic hearted. Fill in your details for optimum senior care.

Physiotherapy at Home in Madurai

The strength of the bones and muscles get affected during the elderly age. Physiotherapy for seniors help them to attain fitness again to lead a normal and regular life. Healthabove60 offers best Physiotherapy service in Madurai and improves the senior living at great level. The daily life of a seniors will be challenging with all the health issues. And, enduring aches and chronic pains are added burden to their lives. Seniors in Madurai can now get healed at home by availing the expert physiotherapy services for seniors by Healthabove60. Our physiotherapists for home visits are highly qualified and trained to treat the elderly. The specialized physiotherapists will follow advanced healing procedures that effectively reduces the pains and aches and bring the mobility back to the lives of the elderly in a short period.

Adding to that, we possess vast experience by having been assisting the elderly with the proper physiotherapy care they required. We have gained the grounding experience being the only home healthcare provider who is completely senior-centric in Tamil Nadu and India. Our knowledge and commitment towards healing the elderly lives by providing efficient home healthcare services is beneficial to the elderly. Our all physiotherapy services are completely senior-focused. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a joint pain or lower-back pain or a persistent pain or a periodic pain, it must be treated with proper physiotherapy care for seniors, and Healthabove60 will be the better option for that.

We are Specialized In

General Geriatric Care Services

Arthritis Care

If done on regular basis Physiotherapy for arthritis is proven to be effective and best option for better healing. We provide result oriented healing experience for seniors who suffer from Arthritis.

Neurological Care Services

Recent Falls

It’s unfortunate but often for seniors to tend to fall. It occurs due to lack of stability and strength and there are high chances of severe injury on the occasion of a fall. Halthabove60 provides better care for injuries of falls.

Orthopaedic Care

Back and Joint pain

Physiotherapy sessions will help seniors in gaining better mobility while giving relief from the chronic back pains and joint pains. It is the best choice seniors need to try if any seniors is experiencing a pain in the joints, before it’s too late.

Oncology Care

Seniors’ Fitness

Seniors should exercise on regular basis. Apart from exercises, physiotherapy sessions at home keep them fit and active. Being fit can help seniors to age as slowly as possible by never giving up on the way they live.

Healthabove60 for Physiotherapy at Home

Every time seniors are in the need of a physiotherapist, it would be difficult for them to visit the physio clinic. Instead, they can avail Healthabove60’s Physiotherapy sessions at home for seniors is can help them in getting better mobility without the need to go out of the house. In addition, Physiotherapist visits at home are more convenient and affordable.

Sessions that Help to Heal Fast

Our Home Physiotherapy sessions have been designed based on the senior’s physical conditions and the ability of the body adaptation towards the impact of the physical activity.

Gain Mobility at Home

There is no need for the seniors who are already undergoing lot of pain, to move out in order to consult a specialist. Alternatively, they can avail Healthabove60’s ‘Physiotherapy at Home’ services.

Personalized Physiotherapy

Physiotherapist at home would be more personalized and more fulfilling considering the time and opportunity to know the patient better, the therapist will get due to the changed atmosphere.

Affordable Physiotherapy

Considering all the direct and indirect charges and the inconveniences involved in physiotherapy at clinic, home-based physiotherapy for elderly is both convenient and affordable.

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