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We enhance elderly lives by providing better quality treatment at the comfort of your home. Our doctors and paramedics who are dedicated and committed towards the senior generation wellbeing are medical minded and empathetic hearted. Fill in your details for optimum senior care.

Physiotherapy at Home in Coimbatore

Physiotherapy for seniors is essential and mainly focusses on their mobility. The Physiotherapists at Healthabove60 helps the seniors to get the maximum relief from their relieving pains and chronic aches. Our treatment procedure starts with an assessment of the patient that involves diagnosis and knowing the full medical history of the patient. Physiotherapy proved to be highly effective for joint pains, back pains, paralysis and for the complications caused by stroke. Physiotherapy can be the best option for the seniors to get mobility and relived from the pains and aches in considerably less amount of time.

We have great experience in treating the elderly who suffer from chronic pains and are undergoing post-operative phase. This experience come in handy when we are treating the elderly by utilizing the specially contemplated and personalized healing procedures which are designed based on the bodily condition and its adaptability of the activity. Our treatment mainly focuses on ease in performing the day-to-day activities by reinforcing the strength, gait and flexibility of the muscles and body. The complexity of any activity performed by a senior citizens is decided post analysing the strength and supple nature of the patient. This type of approach gives us and the patient to achieve the desired results.

We are Specialized In

Arthritics Care

Arthritis Care

It is common to observe seniors pain in their joints during old age but arthritis is a different disorder altogether and physiotherapy help for seniors to get relief.

Recent Falls

Recent Falls

Senior citizens tend to fall during elderly age due to the reduced strength and balance over the body. We help seniors to recover from recent falls.

Back and Joint Pain

Back and Joint pain

Most of the issues faced by seniors during old age are bone related. Get relived from those chronic back pains and periodic joint pains.

Senior Fitness

Seniors’ Fitness

Along with the regular exercise, physiotherapy at home can help seniors at great level to be healthy and fit as they grow older.

Why Healthabove60?

Physiotherapy sessions at home for seniors is vital irrespective of the seniors whether getting cured from a recent fall or from a stroke paralysis. It keep the seniors fit and if regularly performed can help them in aging slowly.

Sessions that Help to Heal Fast

It is proven that physiotherapy sessions at home provides better healing experience and help the seniors to recover faster while showing great progress in a safe environment.

Gain Mobility at Home

Seniors can now avail ‘Physiotherapy at Home’ service instead of visiting a physiotherapy clinic and gain mobility without the need to move out of the house for physiotherapy needs.

Personalized Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy sessions at home provides the physiotherapist with an opportunity to get to know the patient well and provide with the suitable physical activity to achieve the best results.

Affordable Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy sessions at home are affordable comparatively than the sessions at a physio-clinic, considering all the costs involved in it. In addition, everyday reaching out to the physiotherapy is a tiresome task.

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