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We enhance elderly lives by providing better quality treatment at the comfort of your home. Our doctors and paramedics who are dedicated and committed towards the senior generation wellbeing are medical minded and empathetic hearted. Fill in your details for optimum senior care.

Blood Collection Services at Home

The service of blood sample collection at home for all medical tests, especially for the elderly makes it easier for them as they require frequent blood tests for various reasons. It would be a difficult task for the elderly to reach out to the medical laboratory every time they are in need of a blood test. Instead they can avail the reliable blood sample collection services offered by Healthabove60 in Pondicherry. Our home blood collections service is affordable and accessible for the senior citizens of the Pondicherry. The blood samples will be evaluated and tested by the NABL certified laboratory partners.

All seniors have to do avail this convenient service, reach out to the Healthabove60 team and we schedule the visit as per your convenient time. The blood samples will be collected by our certified paramedic and the samples will be evaluated by conducting the appropriate testing procedures. We follow all the parameters and procedures in the most accurate manner as we understand the significance of the blood test report and believe in that a well evaluated medical report deceits the path for a better diagnosis.

We are Specialized In

General Geriatric Care Services

Samples for General Check-up

Blood sample collection at home for the senior citizens who require frequent blood tests for general health check-up purposes.

Neurological Care Services

For Regular Blood Test

Few of the diseases require frequent blood tests. For the seniors who are suffering from such health issues, home blood collection would be ideal.

Orthopaedic Care

Reduced Immune Patients

Elderly patients who are getting treated for the symptomatic diseases (the initial stages of cancer), transplants and major operations could avail this service.

Oncology Care

Patients with Viral Infections

For senior patients who have been prescribed to get a blood test report for viral infections can avail these services.

The Benefits of ‘Sample Collection at Home’ for Seniors

Accessibility Around the Clock

Seniors now can avail Blood sample collection at home for medical tests is affordable and accessible.

Wide Range of Health Tests

The home-based blood sample collection for seniors includes almost all kinds of medical tests.


Compared to the price of the regular medical laboratories, blood tests at home is affordable.

Confidentiality of the Reports

Healthabove60 respects and maintains the confidentiality of every patient.

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❝ Blood Sample Collections at Home for Seniors’ All Medical Needs ❞

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