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We enhance elderly lives by providing better quality treatment at the comfort of your home. Our doctors and paramedics who are dedicated and committed towards the senior generation wellbeing are medical minded and empathetic hearted. Fill in your details for optimum senior care.

Blood Collection Services at Home

Home-blood collection services in Madurai offered by Healthabove60 are reliable and affordable. The NABL certified laboratory technicians collect the blood samples at home for seniors at home, both for prescribed tests and for general medical tests. The sample collection and the report delivery will be done in the real-time. It reduces the need of commuting to the labs for blood tests, every time they are in need of one as the blood sample collection at home is more convenient.

The appointment will be fixed over the phone followed by which the technician will collect the blood as per the schedule. Also, the confidentiality of the reports will be maintained at a high level as we understand the significance of keeping this basic right of the patient. Any treatment process starts with a diagnostic evaluation. A better diagnosed patient is half-cured! The significance of identifying the illness and its exact condition can deceits the path for better and suitable treatment approach.

We are Specialized In

General Geriatric Care Services

Samples for General Check-up

Seniors need frequent medical check-ups for various health requirements. For general medical tests that require blood reports, seniors can avail home blood collection services by Healthabove60.

Neurological Care Services

For Regular Blood Test

Seniors who are suffering from the diseases that require frequent blood tests such as diabetes and renal diseases could get their blood tests done at the comfort of their homes by the experienced lab technicians.

Orthopaedic Care

Reduced Immune Patients

Patients who have undergone or undergoing treatment for symptomatic diseases (the initial stages of stages of cancer), transplants and the other major operations, could avail this blood sample collection at home service.

Oncology Care

Patients with Viral Infections

Blood diagnosis is vital to find any viral infectious diseases. Seniors can give their blood samples at home for diagnosis and get the evaluated test reports delivered at door-step as per the scheduled time.

Blood Sample Collection at Home by Healthabove60

Accessibility Around the Clock

Blood sample collection at home for medical tests is affordable and accessible. The samples will be collected from seniors at the scheduled time, all days in the week.

Wide Range of Health Tests

The home-based blood sample collection for seniors includes almost all kinds of medical tests including diabetes check-up and hyper-tension and for other medical requirements of the seniors.


Compared to the price of the regular medical laboratories, blood tests at home is affordable and also the evaluation will be conducted by the well qualified lab technicians, at the NABL certified laboratories.

Confidentiality of the Reports

Healthabove60 respects and maintains the confidentiality of every patient. It is the patient’s right to be keep the reports confidential and at any cost the same will not be revealed to any of the unauthorized personnel.

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