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Home Medicine Delivery

Medicine Delivery

Get both the prescribed and the general medicine through online by our reliable pharmacy partners. The various medicine will be delivered at the doorstep of the elderly by the scheduled time. Order today for medicine home delivery.

Why Healthabove60 for Medicine Home Delivery?

Healthabove60 has developed a trust among the elderly by being the preferred homecare for elderly in Chennai. When the prescribed or general medicine is ordered through online, our certified and reliable pharmacy partners ensures the elderly received the ordered medicine at door delivery in Chennai on time. Also, meticulous care and precautions will be taken in keeping the medicine at the right temperature and at the right spaces. The same will be followed while delivering the medicines at doorstep of the seniors. Apart from that, elderly who are on long courses will be received reminders of the medicine by our dedicated team. Avail the medicine online with exclusive discounts and offers only for the elderly.

Taking the prescribed medicine as per the physician’s advice is much important and also a part of the treatment. According to a study a senior citizen takes 7 different medicines on an average, every day. However, getting the prescribed medicine can be difficult sometime due to various reasons such as forgetfulness, out of stock etc. To ease this issue, medicine delivery at home or online medicine services by Healthabove60 can help seniors in ordering the medicine online and getting the medicine at their doorstep.

Types of Medication We Deliver

Prescribed Medicine

Prescribed Medicine

Seniors can avail all prescribed medicine under one roof. The order can be done through online post uploading the prescription.

Medicine for Long-Courses

Medicine for Long-Courses

Seniors who are on long course medication can avail their periodic medications. In addition, they will be followed with reminders of refills.

Pharmacy Products

All Pharmacy Products

Consumable medicine that does not require a prescription and the non-consumable pharmacy products such as first aid kits, band-aid, gloves and facemasks.

Nutritional Products

Nutritional Products

Health supplements and rich nutritional food products for seniors for better diet that strengthens and takes care of any deficiency of nutritional values in food.

The Benefits of ‘Medicine Delivery’ at Home for Seniors

Wide Range of Medicines Under One Roof

Getting the prescribed or regular medicine at a single pharmacy store will not be possible, reasons being so many. Through online medicine delivery, seniors can now get all their medication from the certified pharmacy stores.

Ideal for the Seniors Who Live Away from Pharmacies

The specified medicines may not be available in the general medical stores and seniors may have to reach out for the major pharmacies which are away. Online medical stores will be a convenient option for such elderly.

Reduced Price

Buying medicines online is not only convenient, it is money saving too. Due to the increased competition and to lure the buyers, online pharmacy stores keep the pricing far below than the traditional drug stores. Seniors who are in need of bulk medication can make most of it, by searching for such offers before buying.

Legally Registered Pharmacy Stores

The ordered medicine through prescription will be received by certified pharmacies and well qualified pharmacy staff. These store follow all the set parameters as per the pharmacy regulations and procedures related to medications. Seniors can be assured about the medicine quality and delivery.

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