Medical Equipments and Consumables

Medical Equipment

Healthabove60 provides branded equipment for purchase and and high quality equipment on rental basis. Get the medical equipment such as clinical beds, wheelchairs, oxygen concentrators and lot more that promotes seniors healing.

Why Healthabove60 for Medical Equipment and Consumables?

Healthabove60 provides medical equipment for home in Chennai such as diagnostic equipment, blood sugar test machine, best blood sugar testing machine and therapeutic equipment. We boast proven expertize when it comes to healing senior health and improving their wellness. Healthabove60 offers branded equipment for purchase and high quality equipment on rental basis. All the products that are available with us are senior-centric and increases the wellness of the elderly. Seniors can rely on the user-friendly equipment and can heal at home. In addition, wide range of products that are meant for seniors are available under one roof. Apart from the medical equipment Healthabove60 also provides wide range of patient consumables such as intravenous solutions, dental supplies, applicators, continence supplies, cleaners and disinfectants.

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The Benefits of Medical Equipment and Consumables at Home

Wide-range of Equipment

There are various medical equipment available online for various purposes that triggers the healing process in a safer manner. Equipment such as sleep therapy, diagnostic, therapeutic, durable, respiratory and orthopaedic will be available making it easy for the senior patients to recover at great pace.

Reduces the Stay at the Hospital

Most of the studies revealed that patients recover faster in a known environment like home than in the hospital. And, the same medical equipment that used at the hospital can be used at the home as well. This can reduce the patient’s hospital stay while allowing him/her the convenience of using the equipment at home.


Medical equipment can be availed on both rental basis and for purchases. Considering the admission of the hospital and the other charges, the same equipment can be used at home and get quickly recovered. Given the easier rental options, makes it more accessible for the patients in need.

User Friendly Equipment

In spite of being helpful to the patients at great deal, these equipment are easier to use. Equipment such as clinical beds and oxygen purifiers can be used in day-to-day lives, even after completely recovering from the illness. Some of these equipment are for daily use.

❝ Better Equipment for Seniors for a Better Life Ahead ❞

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