Home Dialysis for Seniors

Home Dialysis

Healthabove60 teams up with the experienced and qualified medical professionals to conduct the dialysis procedure in the safest manner. Seniors can avail flexible and affordable home dialysis at their convenience.

Why Healthabove60 for Home Dialysis?

Home Dialysis in Chennai by Healthabove60 will be conducted by experienced medical staff before and post dialysis procedure with well managed home dialysis machines. We team up with the experienced and qualified medical professionals to conduct the procedure in the safest manner. Seniors have the flexibility to call and book the appointment, post which the procedure and schedules will be completely conducted and followed by the dedicated support team. With the proven experience of Healthabove60, seniors can get a complete dialysis care at home that promotes healthier life with fewer restrictions.

In the context of a kidney failure, one requires to purify the blood using the artificial blood purifiers. It is also called as Hemodialysis and people require it frequently. It will be a strenuous task for the elderly to reach out to the hospital every time they require hemodialysis. Making it easy for the seniors, home dialysis procedure can be conducted at the homes of the elderly with the help of nurses. There are many procedures followed in home dialysis and the seniors can avail the suitable procedures with the help of doctors. Even though this is a simple procedure that can be conducted at home, it is not advisable do it on their own as it may lead to health complications.

The Benefits of Home Dialysis

Less Nausea and Cramping

Though it is a procedure that is not so complex, initially it causes nausea and cramping. However, as it is conducted the comfort of home, one will feel less nausea.

Best for Frequent Dialysis

It can be difficult for the patients who require frequent dialysis than the normal. For such seniors, home dialysis is ideal as they can get it as many times as they require.

Avoiding any Cross Infections

Not in all cases but there are chances for cross infections when the dialysis is conducted in hospitals due to various reasons. The same can be avoided at home dialysis as the treatment is more personalized and the nurse can be more dedicated.

Flexibility of Schedules

As the nurses on call service is more accessible these days seniors can call and fix the appointments of the nurses, at their convenient time. The procedure also takes 3 to 4 hours and seniors can resume to their usual activities with ease and renewed energy.

Increased Quality and Care

Home dialysis will be more personalized and cared. In addition, the procedure will be conducted as per the seniors’ preferences such as using their own needles.

Fewer Food and Drink Restrictions

Seniors can enjoy the lenience of few restrictions on food and drinks for home dialysis whereas the dialysis at the hospital requires strict diet plan prior to the procedure.

❝ Safe Home Dialysis that is Convenient and Flexible ❞

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