What is a really perfect vision?

What doctors usually refer to as 20/20 vision is, in the most common sense the phenomena where you’re able to read all of the letters however miniscule they are on the board in front of you without any difficulty. Now, there are a wide range of problems associated with eyes—from plus power, to minus power, cataract, retinal disorders etc. If your eyes are without any such disorder, then congratulations, you have ‘perfect vision’. However, since this is such a rare phenomenon, today through this article, we provide you with a list of ways for you to improve eyesight and care for those aging eyes.

Eye Health Tips for Those above 60

Since eyesight is a deteriorating aspect of our body, it is pertinent for all of us to get a basic eye check-up done during the general health check-up. Here’s how you may do so:-

Get regular basic eye checkup

A doctor visit will never harm anybody in any way. Rather, doctors help you to improve eyesight depending on whatever they uncover during the tests. An eye test must be performed for various eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma and in certain cases, health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Cataracts may result in eye surgery and while in our age and time, it isn’t much of a risk, following a healthy lifestyle will steer you away from that scenario so why not try it? Often, a check-up for the eyes reveals certain pressing issues that the client must have been unaware of resulting in a general health check-up for their own good. For example, diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes can affect the eyes!

How to keep your eyes healthy

As you get older, issues such as floaters, cataracts, glaucoma, AMD, Diabetic retinopathy start plaguing you. You must, then, do all you can to take care of your eyes.
Along with basic eye check-up, you must wear the right lenses and spectacles to keep your eyes healthy. Here are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • Eat healthy- A properly balanced diet is pertinent to the health of your eyes. Vegetables, fruits are to be eaten in plenty to protect yourself against age-related degeneration and plaguing issues like cataract.
  • Wear sunglasses- Sunlight, if strong, may increase the risk of cataracts as well as may damage your eyes. Wearing glasses or lenses with built-in UV filter will protect them from such harmful rays.
  • Quit smoking- This results in an increased chance of diseases such as AMD and cataract.
  • Work in good lighting- When you’re 60 or above, to see well, you need three times as much light and hence, it is vital for you to make sure the lighting in your house is good.
  • Exercise- Stimulation of oxygen and good circulation are the natural outcomes of regular exercise.
  • Regular Sleeping habits- This helps in lubricated eyes.
  • Eye vitamins- These are easy to take and results in good eyesight in the years to follow.

Vision is important for one and all, but for those pushing 60, it is essential that they care more for themselves by maintaining a healthy, balanced life.


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