A drastic variation or a change in the climatic conditions increases the chances of getting sick and thereby weakening an individual’s immune system. It is during this period of time he/she will be more susceptible to various kinds of diseases and infections.  An immunization is not just confined to children only but they are also very essential for adult’s especially elderly people. A seasonal flu vaccine must be taken each year to ward-off infectious diseases and enhance the metabolism rate of an individual.

According to a research conducted by some of the renowned scientists revealed that an individual’s health is more likely to get affected during the onset of the winter season. A significant drop in the temperature might severely affect the immune system. Cool temperatures are a source of strength for the viruses, which enables them to transmit diseases from one person to another. The immune system gradually declines as they get older, so special care is highly recommended especially during the winter season.

Vaccination is regarded as one of the effective methods to prevent communicable and infectious diseases. However, there are few vaccines, which is not effective and immunogenic among the senior citizens owing to age-related factors and poor functioning of the immune system. Most of the doctors recommend taking flu shots and vaccination against Streptococcus, pneumonia and varicella zoster virus among the elderly.

Why is it necessary for the senior citizens to take flu shots?

The flu is considered to be one of the most dangerous diseases among those people who have crossed the age of sixty-five and suffering from ailments like diabetes or heart diseases. Such group of people is more likely to develop serious health issues and may result in hospitalization.

Flu is one of the major factors behind the cause of death among the people who have passed the age of sixty in the United States of America. The Centers for Disease and Prevention Control (CDC) suggest that that taking flu shots at the appropriate time will help in the ward-off infectious diseases such as flu. Taking this into consideration, a new version of flu vaccine was introduced very recently exclusively for the elderly.

At which point of time does an elderly citizen is required to take a flu shot.

Most of the doctors recommend taking flu shots annually. It is highly recommended to get vaccinated before the arrival of flu during the months between November and March. They say that the flu shot will be effective within two weeks from the date of vaccination.

In most of the cases, people consult a physician, which is ideally one of the best options to choose. If necessary, the senior citizens may approach the nearby clinic or drug store to receive the flu shot. Nowadays, Flu Vaccine Locator app can be downloaded online which enables the elderly to track those locations, which offer the flu vaccine.

Taking adequate Flu shots or vaccination at regular intervals enables the senior citizens to stay physically fit and healthy.


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