Healing at home is easy and convenient. Most of the nursing procedures can be carried out in a home atmosphere and this, in turn, reduces the need for a stay at the hospital. Especially, people who require constant nursing assistance that is not complex, can avail home nursing care services. The professionally trained and experienced nurses will visit the house of the person and help him/her in healing at home.

Having said that, it is only those procedures which are not required the typical hospital equipment and highly skilled medical care. While the people of all age groups could avail this service at home, it would be ideal for seniors and children. Especially for seniors, the warmth and ease of the home are always conducive to recover after undergoing a medical procedure or illness.

Any nursing procedure at home starts with a clear understanding of the medical condition post analysing the medical history of the person. Here are few nursing care procedures that can be conducted at home.

  • Injections:

Whether you are under a medical course in which injections are needed on a regular basis or require them periodically for various health issues, you could avail the home medical care service. Injections such as intradermal (ID) and intramuscular (IM) and intra-subcutaneous (IS) are given with accurate compositions.

  • Infusions:

Intravenous infusions such as IV fluids and IV infusions can be availed through home nursing care service. The experienced nurses will check the physical condition of the person and infuse the IV fluids and infusions in a safe manner.

  • Vital Checkups:

Post a medical procedure or in a recovering phase of an illness, the vitals required to be checked at periodical intervals. Instead of relying on hospitals, seniors can avail this service and get their vitals checked at home by the qualified nurses.

  • Ryle’s tube Insertion:

For seniors with gastrointestinal and respiratory issues, the Ryle’s tube will be inserted to evaluate the gastric fluids that are secreted inside the stomach. Though the evaluation is done in the medical labs, the collection of this content through the Ryle’s tube can be done at the home itself by the nurses.

  • Catheterization:

As part of the short-procedures, the insertion and removal both cardiac and urinary catheters can be conducted at home by experienced nurses.

  • Wound Care:

Wound care such as dressing the incisions which are made during a medical procedure or the regular dressing care of skin and flesh wounds can be availed through nursing care at home.

  • Dialysis Service:

For people who are facing kidney dysfunctions, dialysis is a boon. The whole dialysis procedure can be conducted at home nowadays. Many home healthcare service providers offer this service by the experienced nurses in dialysis care at home.

  • Sample Collection:

Sample collection of various medical tests can be done at home by the nurses. Medical samples such as blood, sputum and urine can be collected at home for various medical tests as prescribed by the doctors.

  • Nebulization:

Nebulization help people with various respiratory issues, especially in cold weather conditions. Seniors who are facing breathing issues can avail the nebulization at their home around the clock.

All these procedures are simple and do not require complex medical equipment to conduct. Availing nursing procedures at home help the person heal at home, significantly reducing the need for hospital admission. This service is ideal for the people who are discharged from the hospital, but are still in need of medical attention or people with limited mobility.


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