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Overweight has been linked with many health conditions and the list includes diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Maintaining a healthy weight is immensely important, especially when you are reaching the sixties. This is the age that becomes tricky when you try to keep your weight under control.

You might be not able to burn the calories that way you used to burn in the younger age. The belief that getting rid of those extra pounds as you age can become really tough is true up to some extent but it is not impossible though.

Irrespective of your age, the golden rules for losing weight remains the same. The path to reach a healthy weight is something that is similar to the techniques used to lose weight in the young age.

Here are a few special factors and considerations for you to apply in your life to lose weight in your sixties.

1. Make Up Your Mind

• These are the days we see a healthy lifestyle as a punishment. The right mindset will change your attitude towards your goal.
• Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and your weight loss plan should in accordance with your strengths.
• Take up the challenge as a transformation regime and never prioritize anything over your diet plan.
• The right mindset towards your weight loss goal can work as the fuel that keeps up your motives.

2. Make a Workout Mate

• We do our best when we have a workout mate. Talk to your friends and join in the fitness center as a group.
• It not only help you in not missing out the workout but also increase your social interactions.
• Joining a fitness group or club could help you in a great deal as you might not want to recognized as the person who quits.
• This group works as a mutual motivation camp where one motivates the other.

3. Consume Healthy Fats

• Do not make assumptions that all fats are bad for health and they should be avoided. This is as true as all glitters are gold!
• Your body needs fats in order to process the cell division at a healthy rate and it also helps in digestion.
• Ensure you are consuming enough amount of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in order to maintain the body weight at a healthy ratio.
• Completely avoid the foods such as fried and packaged foods as they contain fats that you do not want to consume.

4. Increase Lean Protein Intake

• Bone mass and muscle mass tend to get decreased by at least 20% of what they used to be in young age.
• The decreased muscle mass will be replaced by accumulated fats. In order to avoid that you need to load up on the lean protein.
• Lean protein is available in the form of chicken, legumes, mushrooms, fish, seeds, nuts and beans.
Talk to your doctor if you have any other health conditions that may want reduced intake of lean protein.

5. Strength Training

• Strength training is a great way to regain your muscle mass and muscle strength and stamina.
• The metabolism is in proportion with the muscle mass. This leads to increased metabolism levels that streamline your body condition.
• Hitting the gym during the sixties should not be a taboo. However, keep the instructor informed about your health condition as he may help you with the best workout.

There are many ways you could keep your weight under control after the sixties. Consult your doctor or dietitian to plot the best workout regimen workout and diet plan.


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