tips for talkign with seniors

Everyone knows that elders love to talk. As people grow older, they have lots of time to sit back and reminisce, recap and rewind their memories. With lots of time and less work on their hands after retirement, elders love to talk, share and narrate their experiences to others. All one needs to do is give elders the time, and a patient ear to listen to their outpourings. But amidst this journey down memory lane, one must not lose track but should focus on talking to elders on important issues.

What are these important issues that one must discuss with elders? These important topics could be senior health importance, their level of comfort and well-being, elderly medicine check-ups , senior mental health care, etc.

Some of these topics have to be handled carefully while talking to elders. This is because elders might have reticence in talking about such matters and might try to avoid them.

How to talk to elders on such important topics without upsetting them? Let us take a look.

Important topics to discuss with elders

While talking to elders, do bear in mind that they are at an age where they need a lot of care and attention. So, after listening to them patiently, try to discuss with them these important topics mentioned below while gently emphasizing the importance of each.

  1. Senior health importance

Many elders fail to understand the importance of their health and the need to take special care of their aging health needs. They might take for granted that many of their ailments like fatigue, anxiety, breathlessness, etc might be due to old age. But on the contrary, there might be some underlying cause for these symptoms which the seniors may totally ignore.

Take up the topic of senior health importance and emphasize its gravity to elders. Make them understand that it is important to go for regular health check-ups in order to monitor their vital health   parameters like BP, cholesterol, pulse, blood sugar, etc. Periodic blood and urine tests, eye and ear check-up, etc are also a must for elders. Gently make them understand the senior health importance and get them to cooperate in getting their health examined by a competent physician.

  1. Elderly medicine check-ups

Visiting the doctor alone is not enough for elders. Taking the medicines regularly and on time is vital to ensuring the good health of seniors. Therefore, it is important to perform elderly medicine check-ups for seniors. One should check the doctor’s prescriptions, the available medicines on hand and monitor the medicine intake of the elders.

Elderly medicine check-ups are very crucial as most of the geriatric complaint that seniors have are due to skipping medicines, eating them in excess or less quantity or not taking them on time. The importance of taking medicines on time and in the right quantity must be gently explained to elders.

  1. Senior mental health care

The physical ailments of elders are easily seen as external signs, but their mental ailments are rarely known. Elders may suffer from mental ailments like stress, anxiety, depression, etc. or from age-related mental disorders like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, etc. Such mental issues may be mistaken for ordinary age-related symptoms and ignored.

Speak to elders on the necessity of haring their feelings, fears and expectations. Ask them to reveal       what they are undergoing physically and mentally and encourage them to openly outline their symptoms. Senior mental health care is a crucial factor in maintaining the well-being of seniors and this must be highlighted to them in all the conversations.

  1. Home healthcare for the elderly

After a certain age, it is necessary to have 24×7 support and assistance for elders. Discuss the option of engaging home healthcare for the elderly  and highlight the benefits of having such expert care at home. Encourage elders to express their feeling and misgivings on the subject and try to convince them that home healthcare for the elderly is the right alternative to provide them the optimum care.

Tips on speaking to elders on such important issues.

  1. Speak to elders in a polite and cheerful manner
  2. Listen to all their questions and answer their doubts patiently
  3. Do not interrupt them while they are speaking
  4. Never force or compel them against their will to accept your decision
  5. Persuade them to look at things from the right perspective and not pressurize them
  6. Validate your arguments with evidence
  7. Enlist their cooperation and wholehearted consent for all your endeavours.

Home healthcare for the elderly is the best alternative to provide your seniors with maximum and round-the-clock care. Try to convince your elder at home to avail the use of the best home healthcare for the elderly to ensure their complete well-being.


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