Having a good night sleep is one of the ideal ways for an individual to stay fit, healthy and enhance his quality of life. Those people who are facing any difficulty in sleeping may follow the below mentioned practices on a regular basis.

  • Take a warm shower in the evening. Having a nice warm bath helps your body to cool down and thereby enables you to sleep better during nights. Applying lotion helps your skin to be moisturized and stay warm.
  • According to a study conducted by Cleveland Sleep Clinic, it is recommended to sleep naked at night since it helps an individual to regulate the temperature of their body. He/she may use blankets, duvet, sheets or even pillows to obtain a comfortable temperature. It is better to keep your arms and head above the bedclothes.
  • Placing additional blanket besides the bed is advisable to keep your feet warm. Wearing loose and transparent pyjamas helps you to breathe with ease. It is quite comfortable when compared to other fabrics.
  • Keep on altering your sleeping positions since it helps an individual to achieve a significant change in the quality of their sleep. If you wake up suddenly during mid-night, make sure that your body is adjusted with head and neck kept in straight position.
  • To maintain a steady position, it is highly recommended to sleep by placing pillow beneath your hips rather than your head.
  • Placing a suitable mattress or pillow between legs helps an individual to support their hips and enables him to sleep in a comfortable position.
  • It is recommended to avoid exposure to bright light at least two hours before going to bed. Bright light may affect the proper functioning of your body’s internal clock. Try to avoid using electronic gadgets like TV and smart phones two hours prior to sleep.
  • Using a white noise generator helps in creating a soothing effect within the premises of your house. For example, sounds related to surf, wind and steam have no distinct shape thereby allowing your brain to de-focus. Pleasingly smooth and looping mellifluous music is very helpful to make you fall asleep.
  • Consuming dinner three hours prior to bedtime helps your stomach to settle down. Avoid intake of greasy and spicy foods as they may hamper the sleeping patterns. Also going to bed on an empty stomach disrupts your sleep. It is better to have a light snack before going to sleep. Try to avoid eating foods which are rich in carbohydrates and sugar. Turkey, yogurt, soybeans, tuna and peanuts which are protein rich diets contain tryptophan which helps you to satiate your hunger.
  • Avoid intake of tobacco products and caffeine like coffee, black tea, cocoa and caffeinated soda. The effect of consuming this could extend to about 12 hours thereby keeping you awake.

If all the above mentioned practices or sleeping tips are followed accordingly, you can guarantee a good night sleep.


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