Summer is the season known for developing a new hobby or taking up the vacation that you have been longing for lately. The long days and short nights give you enough time to experience the day to its fullest.

This is only one side of the coin. For the majority of people, summer is a guest that they have never welcomed. The reason being it is difficult to cope up with this season of heat and sweat for people of all age groups, especially children and senior citizens.

Staying active is the key to be active and healthy as you age, considering the reduced metabolism rate of your body. Summer makes you restricted to indoors taking a big toll on your physical activities and exercises. Also, the joint and bone pains will make it difficult for your outdoor activities.

Keeping these concerns in mind, choosing water exercises over the regular activities will definitely help you in being healthy without straining your joints and muscle too much.

Why Water Exercises?

  • Water exercises help you in strengthening the bones and the muscles.
  • They are the perfect remedy for seniors with balancing issues
  • Helps in addressing the sleeplessness issues
  • Burns more calories without having to feel stress

How Exactly Water Exercises Help seniors?

Many medical researches have proven that pool exercises have the ability of reducing the jarring force that increases the burden on the whole body while exercising. If you have an opportunity consider joining a warm water pool as the warmness is good for your joints. Here are few other benefits of water exercises.

Builds muscle strength and perseverance

The force of water from all directions acts as a weight on the body while doing exercises in water. You may have to use extra strength but you will not feel the impact of it on the body. This way you can exercise for a longer time without getting tired.

Improves balancing ability and flexibility

While working out on the ground, you may be restricted due to the gravitational effects. However, the natural buoyancy of water provides right support to your body help you reducing the balancing issues.

Eases the chronic bone related pains

The gentle waves that are produced during the exercise will work as a massage just to reduce the muscle soreness or the stiffness of bones.

Best solution for spine-related health issues

The buoyancy of water helps you to maintain the perfect balance by supporting you weak muscles or bones. The balance provided by water help you to stretch the spine to its fullest aiding you to reduce the restriction of it off the water.

Improves bone density

The strength of bones tends to get reduced due to the age-related degeneration. High impact exercises could prevent this deceleration of bones but seniors find these exercises extremely difficult. However, strengthening exercises are easy to perform in the water.

Water-related games and sports are active during the summer season. And, so the pools that conduct different activities during summer. Join in a swimming pool club that offers water exercises for seniors.

Working out in water is an excellent way to tackle the stress without much physical strain. While enjoying the cool water in hot summer, you can address an array of health issues such as cardiovascular disease, bone-related health issues and high blood pressure.

Results have proven that physiotherapy for seniors  coupled with water exercises could help significantly in reducing the age-related bone and muscle degeneration.  Few exercises in water require support. Considering joining the pool along with your peers, if you have anyone who is interested.


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