social media for seniors

You are probably living under a rock if you do not know what social media is. It has shook the world like an earthquake and changed the very way we, humans, communicate and interact with each other.

If we save the never-ending discussion of whether social has improved the ways of our communication or destroyed the human connections for some other time, social media as a whole has redefined the way spend time together, gather, collaborate and relook into the norms of our day-to-day lives.

The impact of this modern way of communication channel has hit us so strong that the after-effect has well-received by all age groups irrespective of whether they were ready to take it or not. Gone were the days where only the youths were using social media. This is the time people from 5s to beyond 50s experiencing the benefits of this advanced media sharing platform.

In this particular blog, let us take a look into the ways seniors are gaining benefits from this monstrous media form that has, already, deeply rooted into our lives.

Virtual Connectivity – If you can come over the voices that still say letters are the best way to convey your feelings towards your loved ones, you could see the ultimate luxury of talking to your dearest ones virtually. Seniors enjoy this feature of social media more than any other age group. They could see their grandchildren growing up everyday, see them doing their homework, get to meet their peers, and not standing a chance to miss every special occasion in their life. What else you want as a senior who’s living away?

Rekindle the Connections – Ever thought how exactly you parted ways with your closest friend as the life progresses? Did you know where was the saturation point for that departure? You never know! Life happens the way it is meant to be and when you turn back and see, your friends and even family members are way long gone from your bandwidth. Social media helps finding and rekindling the connections by not only finding the long gone relationships but also staying in touch with them at your fingertips.

Find New Friends – Social life is all a senior is needed in the matured adulthood. This is one of the reasons why many seniors are looking at the assisted living facilities and modern senior living communities, post their retirement . Social media is another source of connecting to new people and new experiences. You can see a lot of senior community groups on social media platforms which work as a thriving source for engaged life.

Learn New Things – Social media is a thing of many things. You could have it a go for various aspects of life. Learning and development finds no end in life. Everyone is a student of life, irrespective of how old they are. Social media can be a platform for you to develop a new skill or art if you have a heart for it. There are many seniors who learn how to play guitar, how to paint and how to do exercises using social media platforms.

Social Activities – If you are a senior citizen with social-consciousness, social media is the place for you. Here, everyday social media is a witness for various movements that happen to be found their roots. As a senior with abundant experience of life and the ways of it, you can start a forum or enrol in a forum based on your interest on social media. It will do the rest of the work by broadcasting your views and contributions towards the wellbeing of the society.

News and Entertainment – You don’t need anything if you have access to social media in order to know what’s going on around you. Social media has become the biggest news contributor in the society than any other news stream. Just a touch on your smartphone screen opens the gates for you to the world. You can view the news you want to and also stream the entertainment programs as per your jam.

The benefits of social media for seniors can find no end. But, as the famous saying goes – excess of anything can be a highway for addition and destruction. Find the right balance between social media and real life. If you can find the ways how to use it and how long you can use it, social media can be a boon in your matured adulthood.



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