Today, the number of senior citizens living independently is growing high. First & foremost it is our responsibility to take care of our elderly parents by giving them a comfortable & safe environment to live happily. Though they stay separately, it is important for us to know that they are safe at home with all necessary facilities.

At old age, people come across various issues related to health, finance, food & lifestyle. Elders are generally considered vulnerable. They don’t prefer to avail help from others but face difficulty in doing their normal day-to-day activities. It is fundamental to know some basic safety tips to stay secure, healthy and delightful.

There are different categories of safety aspects for elders. Some safety measures for seniors are as follows;

Basic home safety
  • Always keep the front door locked and have a spare key.
  • Use proper footwear inside the house.
  • Avoid talking with strangers & never allow any unknown person inside the house.
  • Check whether the communicable devices like mobile or landline are in good working condition.
  • Note down few emergency contact numbers in a dairy which is to be kept at a visible place in the house.
  • Arrange furniture in such a way so that one has adequate space to walk.
  • Try to clean & remove the spills immediately.
  • Have brighter light facility inside home.
  • Keep the walking stick in a reachable place.
  • Have a night lamp near your bed.
Bathroom safety
  • Keep a small light always ON inside the bathroom especially in the nights to avoid darkness.
  • Turn On the water heater when necessary and make sure you turn off after you fill the water in the tub.
  • Check the temperature of water before taking bath.
  • Inform the caretaker before taking bath.
  • Clean the bathroom regularly & make sure the floor is not slippery.
  • Use non-slippery bath mats.
  • Have door locks which could be opened from both sides.
  • Have grab bars fitted near the toilet.
  • Don’t take bath when you are alone at home.
Kitchen safety
  • Have proper lighting inside the kitchen.
  • Turn off the electrical appliances when they are not in use.
  • Do not store the food for a long time inside refrigerator.
  • Get the groceries needed for a week and store them. Keep a note on the expiry dates.
  • Fit the gas cylinders properly & have one extra cylinder in a safe place.
  • Keep the floor clean & wipe the spills.
  • Wear proper footwear inside kitchen.
  • Place the storage containers in a place where it easily reachable.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects.
  • Wear proper cloths while cooking.
Drug & health safety
  • Check your vision regularly.
  • Store the medicines in the container & keep them safe.
  • Have medicines in hand when you are out of home.
  • Check the expiry date, dispose the old and used medicine.
  • Have first aid kit at home.
  • Never follow old prescription or borrow prescription from others.
  • Go for routine medical check-ups.
  • Always have an emergency contact number of doctor nearby home.
  • Ensure you take the right medicine at right time.
  • Avoid self-medication.
Financial safety
  • Carry your wallet when you go out and place in your front pocket.
  • Always have cash at home in a safety locker.
  • Never store valuables inside home or have more cash.
  • Don’t share your financial information like security pin numbers or account details with anyone.
  • Avoid discussing about the donations through phone.
  • Make sure you have balance in your mobile to contact anyone at any time.
  • Try to check your bank details from home through net banking.
  • Keep all the financial documents safely.
  • Get the cash needed for a week from ATM & keep it secured.
  • Get insurance facilities.

Elderly safety at home is one of the biggest concern to safeguard our parents. Home safety checklist shall be framed based on the above safety tips which help the elderly people to know that the safety aspects around them are proper & effective. They can have a routine check to monitor them using the checklist. Most importantly, they should keep up their health. Having proper healthy home food, maintaining diet, regular walking, exercising, reducing the intake of oil & junk foods are some of the health tips for seniors to stay active always. Healthcare providers should make sure that their patients come for regular health check-ups and maintain a health record.

Old age is a beautiful stage to relax our mind and live a peaceful life with children & grandchildren. At the same time, safety is elementary for the elderly which is important to keep them elated throughout their life. Providing a safe environment to elderly is a basic commitment of all of us.


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