Beyond the traditional patient care and hospitalization, there is still a need for personal attention to the patients to make them feel better and supportive. Today people want to be away from the regular bed care in hospitals during their treatment period. There is no doubt that getting treated in the home environment or away from the hospital can definitely bring some mental changes and self-confidence in patient to get recovered soon. In this aspect, Healthabove60 takes the opportunity to give complete home care assistance to patients, especially to elderly people.

Getting the patients out of hospital bed with home health care can psychologically make them become active and recover soon, as they are surrounded by their loved ones, who can certainly be near too. Understanding this great advantage of mobility, Healthabove60 strives to integrate right technology, bring changes in the approach how patients are given the medical treatment and thus empower them.

Our staff and nurse work with patients in their homes to provide extended medical care. We also assist through phone. We assist in all essential services, including:

  • Home safety checks
  • Proactive disease management
  • Medication review
  • Health assessments
  • Disease-specific education and much more

As one of the leading and reliable home healthcare company, our services also extend to:

  • Scheduling care after discharge
  • Home infusion
  • IV therapy
  • Acute / Sub-acute rehabilitation
  • Palliative care
  • Physiotherapy sessions
  • Dental care
  • Doctor visits
  • Nursing and attender care

If you are seeking daily elderly care at home, then our experienced team is ready to be there at your reach. Our home health nurse care for seniors will feature;

  • Daily care to help seniors live comfortably without any ailments at home
  • Round the clock assistance, no matter day or night, our nurse and health care team is there it attend
  • Our caregivers are given complete training and they are experienced to meet any expectation of elderly care
  • We strive to provide balanced care, while keeping your mind, spirit and body healthy throughout
  • We strive to bring 99% of satisfaction with our patient care to everyone we serve
  • We work hard to be your trusted partner in caring your elderly people at home

Our rating and testimonials will state about how experienced and recognized we are in providing a complete healthcare to patients, beyond hospitals. You can expect professional care from Healthabove60, as we not only provide you home care assistance, but will also help you deal with any safety issues. We ultimately support the patient in every aspect to regain his/her physical independence with our beyond the hospital care.


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