paralysis treatment at home

Paralysis is a crippling condition that impairs mobility due to loss of muscle function in the whole body or just a part of the body. With paralysis, the patient is often bedridden for months. Since hospitalization of the patient is not an economically viable solution for this chronic ailment, it is best to think of the treatment of paralysis at home.
Paralysis results in damage to the spinal cord and nerves. This damage may be caused due to various factors like brain or spine injury, stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, poliomyelitis, botulism, muscular dystrophy, peripheral neuropathy etc. Whatever the case may be, paralysis in the aged is more severely felt and hence requires geriatric home healthcare service.
In general, paralysis has no cure and can even relapse. so it is best for paralyzed patients to undergo paralysis physiotherapy treatment at home on a regular basis to restrict the impact of the disease.
Why Paralysis Physiotherapy treatment is the best for paralysis?
Physiotherapy is supposed to be the best treatment for paralysis at home due to the following reasons.

    • Physiotherapy strengthens the muscle mass of the patient to prevent loss of muscle function in the patient.
    • It improves blood circulation, thereby relaxing the muscles.
    • It alleviates trauma by reducing the inflammation caused by the disease.
    • It halts the spread of the disease to other areas.
    • It accelerates the recovery of the patient.
    • It prevents relapse of the disease by keeping the muscles toned and active.

How Paralysis Physiotherapy treatment heals paralysis?
Paralysis physiotherapy treatment is most effective in treating paralysis at home as it is a combination of various factors like massage, exercises and manual therapy.
In Paralysis Physiotherapy treatment, soft or deep tissue massage is given to improve blood circulation to the idle tissues and revive them. Muscular tissues especially need this type of massage in order to stimulate them and restore their lost function.
Manual therapy
This consists of joint mobilization or manipulation in a gentle manner, working up the ligaments and tendons in the paralyzed limbs and strapping the limbs to do muscle stretches and joint workouts.
Exercises form the fundamental base of physiotherapy to restore the biomechanics of the body. Since paralysis causes nerve and muscle damage, the surrounding tendons, ligaments and other tissues to get affected due to lack of activity an mobility.
Exercise helps to strengthen the bones and joints and revive the tendons, ligaments and muscles. It induces flexibility in the stiffened muscles and joints. When exercise is done regularly with the help of a home healthcare service provider, the body responds, thereby reducing the effects of paralysis.
After an in-depth assessment of the patient’s condition, The physiotherapist may offer suggestions to use other mobility aids like canes, wheelchairs, gears, traction, braces or neck supports. Sometimes, alternative therapy like acupuncture is also suggested to help invigorate the idle muscles in the paralyzed limbs of the patient. This kind of support and advice is invaluable to the patient with paralysis.
Paralysis Physiotherapy treatment offers the patient a hope to improve his condition. Most patients often feel dejected and depressed after the paralytic attack. With physiotherapy, they gain hope and confidence that they can recover and resume their routine activities at least partially.
Geriatric home healthcare service for paralyzed seniors
Paralyzed seniors need a lot of extra care owing to their age. Opting for a good geriatric home healthcare service would be the ideal solution as they provide a suitable home healthcare service provider with experience and expertise. Right from helping the senior in their daily hygiene like brushing, grooming, bathing and dressing to even changing their diapers and bedpans and giving their medications on time and helping them in exercise, everything is done patiently by trusted caregivers.
Treatment of paralysis at home offers hope and scope for the remedy of the disease and is best executed by enlisting the services of a home healthcare service provider.


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