The World health association claims that there is increasing population of people who are aged 60 and above. The fastest rising group is people aged 80 and above and this statistics is applied worldwide. All countries wanted to endorse healthy, active aging and quality of life with less dependent on medication and health care systems.
There is emerging demand for nurses worldwide to give quality care for providing wide range of health care services. Geriatric nurses are mainly involved in averting the illnesses, associating with the elders and their families to manage their chronic conditions. The truth is elderly care is becoming vital everywhere to present with long term care and also palliative care for the aged ones. Geriatric nursing is the next gesture in the field nursing services and is gaining much importance across the globe.

Need for elderly care:

Today most of the aged ones want to live independently. The family members are too busy and have little time to spend with them in spite of their hectic schedule. Hence they seek for someone who is trustworthy to take care of loved ones health related issues. Therefore they hunt for reliable home care nurses who would look after them when they are away.
The home care nurses provide medical assistance to the elders who are in a position not able to move from their home. They are well trained, experienced and is actually a registered or licensed person.

The services that is done by home care nurses,

  • Monitoring of vitals such as blood pressure, glucose, heart rate and also post operative monitoring
  • Educating about the diseases and its treatment
  • Wound care and dressing procedures
  • Colostomy management
  • IV management
  • Administering and refilling of medication
  • Administering injections
  • Heparin flushes
  • Foot care and management
  • Management of urinary catheters, drains, tubes and bags.
Diseases that affect the aged ones:

The following diseases mainly target the people who are aged 60yrs and above,

  • Alzheimer’s disease and forms of dementia
  • Parkinson disease
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Several forms of cancer
  • Cardiac diseases
  • Orthopedic problems
  • Sleep disorders
  • Several eye conditions
  • Diabetes
  • Depression and other psychiatric problems
Geriatric services a rising wave across the globe:

People who are very busy in their routine activities want their parents or grandparents to be in safe hands when they are not with them. Hence they seek the help of several geriatric care providers especially for nursing services to ensure medical assistance for their loved ones. They provide geriatric services round the clock and they specially design the plan according to each individual’s health concerns. The nurses who are associated with them are well experienced in a way to tackle the elders both physically and emotionally. They move along with them in a friendly manner and the elders think that they are one of the family members. These nurses aim at giving them a healthy ageing, active life style and enhanced living. Therefore today nursing services is the most needed branch in all aspects of health care system and mainly in geriatric services.


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