healthy diet for seniors

Elders have several health issues due to ageing. The only way to keep them active and energetic is by adopting a healthy diet for seniors. It is wise to include herbs and spices for health reasons as part of this diet for seniors. Indian spices are magical food for the elderly as they are totally safe, natural and have no side effects. Almost all natural remedies for the elderly comprise of Indian spices. Let us take a look at some of the common Indian spices that should be compulsory constituents of the healthy diet for seniors.

Herbs and spices for  the health and well-being of seniors


Known botanically as Curcuma longa, Turmeric is the time-tested herbal medicine for almost ailments of the elderly. Grown as a root herb, turmeric has excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and ant-septic properties. Turmeric is excellent in curing pancreatic cancer, stroke and even Alzheimer’s disease. The American Journal of Psychiatry has published study results proving that turmeric is good for the brain and is a magical food for the elderly. It has been found that elders between 50 and 85 who took turmeric twice a day had a better memory than those who did not.

Elders should have a glass of golden milk or turmeric milk twice a day.


Pepper is a spicy herb with a fiery taste that is part of most natural remedies for the elderly. Used commonly as a flavouring in Indian food, Pepper should be made a part of the healthy diet of seniors  compulsorily. Known botanically as Pepper nigraPepper is often used with honey to cure coughs and colds and also has excellent digestive properties. Pepper has been known to be effective in treating colic, dizziness, diarrhoea, gas, sinus infections, vitiligo, migraine, etc.

Pepper must be made a part of the healthy diet for seniors in soups, salads, sauces, seasoning etc and must be consumed by elders daily.

  1. CUMIN

Commonly called “jeera” in India, Cumin is an excellent spice that,  is a compulsory ingredient in Indian food. Know botanically as Cuminum cyminum, Cumin has excellent digestive properties. This herb is used to cure digestive ailments like gas, constipation diarrhoea, bowel spasms and even menstrual pain. Used as a flavouring agent, cumin must be taken made part of the healthy diet for seniors.

Elders should consume cumin daily as part of their food or even separately as cumin water for excellent digestive health


Known botanically as Trigonella foenum-graecum, Fenugreek is a spice that is a part of the legume family. Slightly bitter in taste, this spicy herb is a part of all Indian food. Known for its excellent anti-glycemic properties, Fenugreek is a magical food for the elderly who have diabetes. Excellent for heart health and for ailments like obesity, PCOS, arthritis, thyroid issues and kidney ailments, Fenugreek is also good for Parkinson’s patients.

Elders must consume Fenugreek daily to keep their sugar levels in control and promote good health.


Coriandrum sativum or Coriander is a herb that is used widely in Indian food. Coriander seeds have excellent medicinal properties and are used to cure digestive ailments like diarrhoea, indigestion, nausea, etc. Coriander promotes kidney health and improves urine flow and prevents hernia. Coriander is widely used as a seasoning in all Indian foods

Coriander should be made a compulsory part of the healthy diet for seniors to improve their kidney and stomach functions.

Elders must use all the above herbs and spices for health reasons compulsorily. All these herbs and spices are not only healthy but add to the taste of the food with their fragrance and flavour.  Seniors above 60 must always use herbal natural remedies for the elderly so as to prevent unwanted side-effects and to improve immunity.

Herbs and spices are magical food for the elderly . Include Indian spices in the healthy diet for seniors to keep them hale and hearty today and always.


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