Why do you need nurses to look after your aged ones?

These days, the concept of Home care nursing services is garnering huge attention among the city folks. In most of the families, as both the spouses are working, they are unable to take care of their aged ones. The idea of having someone else do it for them has been an instant hit among the city folks which has led many of them on a lookout for homecare services. As you know, the old people are compared to children’s who require constant attention, hence the need for trustworthy nurses is in great demand to attend them. The key role played by the nurses make the family members to hire them so they can assist the elders with patience and care. Those patients who are sick and aged above 60yrs are more interdependent on other persons and they have a need of physical consideration for both their medical and physical requirements.

How does Healthabove60 help you to tackle your problems?

Healthabove60 is a company which renders service to the elderly people at your domicile. We are based at Chennai and serve the patients all round the clock. Our nursing services are an added benefit to the elderly people who are static and need someone to look after them all the time. The families can leave their elders at home with a peaceful mind because our nurses concern them with superior care and develop a good bonding with the elders to make them feel very comfortable. We organize well qualified and standard nurses to provide special care to each and every patient according to their requirements. Health above60 serves the patient who is ill, both physically and mentally. The home care nurses work for a minimum of 4hrs to 24hrs according to the request.

What are activities we do to bring up the health of our Patients?

Home care nursing services which are managed by Healthabove60 includes surgical care: both before and after the operational procedures, orthopedic care which comprises wound concern too, administration of oxygen and catheter insertion, checking of vital sign such as blood pressure, pulse, heart rate and infusion of medicines intravenously also through injections, removal of sutures. The home care nurses that we arrange have vast experience and trained well to handle all sorts of patients. They dedicate themselves to the work they do whole heartedly and make the elders happy. The patients get the confidence and trust by the amount and the class of job they do. Our nurses do their job with passion and builds a good rapport with them so that their sickness gets down very soon. We also deploy home care attendants who provide a solution in assisting older people due to various reasons such as sickness and cognitive mutilation. They are simply called as ‘Care Takers’ because they do all the needs of the patients and be a pillar of support for them.

We bring happiness to our customers

It’s clear that elderly care at home is becoming a challenging task for the office going people. Many of them who have experienced Healthabove60 are totally pleased and fulfilled with our services and they remark us as a company who does our job ideally. They are happy in terms of our service and cost which are reliable and affordable to them. They feel that the value for the money is seen in the smile of their elders which makes us to dole out compassionately with love and warmth. Our nurses become a good cohort of the elders at home and they are felt as one among the family.


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