The nutritional need of people differs as they grow old. The diet to be followed by a young or middle aged people is not the same for seniors. Remember, aged people come across many health issues that are greatly influenced by their diet eating habits and lifestyle. Therefore, it becomes essential to concentrate on nutrition for the elderly people to help them lead a healthy and active life.

A healthy diet for elderly is the key to positive outlook and it makes them stay emotionally balanced too. However, many have the misconception of healthy eating to be about sacrificing or dieting. Perhaps, remember the fact, no matter what your age is, eating fresh and healthy food is important.

What can healthy diet for seniors do for them?

Many have the question about why should I concentrate on my diet, while not follow the same what I’m taking now?

This is very obvious!

However, the nature and lifestyle of humans emphasize on certain changes in your food and eating habits as you grow old. To say, a properly followed senior diet can help you:

  • Lead longer and stronger life
  • Appropriate nutrition can help fight illness-causing toxins, Type-2 diabetes, risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and bone loss
  • It sharpens your mind. Leafy veggies and fresh fruits can keep you energetic with good thinking ability
  • You will certainly feel good and happier
  • You get fewer calories, while more protein and other nutrition that is essential
Healthy diet for seniors

What does Geriatric nutrition elderly diet plan include?

As you age, your body needs more processed food than raw and fast foods. Besides, the food should be in its natural form possible. At the same time, remember the fact that your body may respond differently to different types of foods, therefore you may certainly need to take some experimentation to identify the right food for you. To give you some ideas:

  • It is not time to give a break to banana and apple, while move to color rich fruits like berries and melons
  • Take veggies rich in antioxidant like leafy green, spinach, broccoli, carrots
  • Take adequate calcium intake to maintain bone health and prevent bone fractures and osteoporosis by taking milk and yogurt. However, it is recommendable to go for non-dairy sources like broccoli, tofu and kale
  • Make a smart move with carbs by choosing whole grains rich in fiber and nutrients like brown rice, whole wheat pasta
  • Omega 3 fatty acids – flaxseeds, flaxseed oil, canola oil, fish
  • Hydrate – Drink enough liquid to keep you hydrated. Never let lack of liquid in your body
  • Vitamin B and Vitamin D are essential for people over 50 years of age to stay active
  • It is recommendable to use olive oil and mustard oil for cooking, as they prevent high cholesterol level

In addition to the above said diet to be followed for seniors, here follows a few elements that you need to limit or avoid healthy diet and weight loss for seniors:

  • Limit sodium content in food
  • Avoid sugar or artificial sweetener
  • Avoid artificial flavored drinks

Try to split your meals six to seven small meals a day, as it aids easy digestion and prevent fatigue.


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