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A significant amount of studies and research has been completed on parent-child relationships and related psychology worldwide. These studies reveal that though nuclear families are gaining increased popularity, the connection established by children is not limited to their parents alone. The latest findings reveal that the relation between grandchildren and grandparents is gaining noticeable momentum. That is because this symbiotic connect benefits both the young and the older generation alike.

A close tie between the grandparents and grandchildren thwarts isolation opening new doors in the care for elderly parents. Establishing a relation with grandchildren exposes elders to new thoughts and learning from the younger and dynamic population. Conversely, these children also reap equal benefits as elder people have more time, knowledge and experience at their disposal. Besides, they are more understanding, empathetic and patient than the parents.

Grandparents also contribute towards the betterment of grandkids by telling them historical perspectives and first-hand experiences. That can enrich the latter’s life and even help them in understanding the past. Additionally, elderly persons can offer lifetime wisdom and learning which can be implemented practically by young children as they move into adulthood. That makes the transition smoother, easier and less stressful for the kids.

Hence, various senior care services including Senior Home Healthcare  focus on establishing this meaningful relationship through socialization programs.

Tips for Senior Citizens

  • Maintaining good physical proximity positively impacts the relationship and builds a remarkable rapport. Many seniors voluntarily exhibit their willingness to move closer to their grandchildren for this reason. Though geographical distance can be a constraint in this relationship, elders who are fit and financially stable can opt to make frequent trips to spend time with their loved ones.
  • Nothing can substitute face-to-face communication. Yet, today’s technological advances permit older people to build permanent bonds and remain in constant touch with their grandchildren even if they are thousands of miles away. Several social media and mobile phone apps help to bridge this gap and senior people can utilize them effectively.
  • Research also reveals that older people who are in frequent contact with their grandkids can bond better. In today’s busy lifestyle where parents may not be able to devote sufficient time and attention to children, this participation from grandparents can be an enormous boon. It is especially useful for children who have single or divorced parents or are even orphaned because grandparents can become the best companions.
  • Seniors can engage themselves in taking responsibility of childcare activities to the extent possible. This not only unburdens the parents during their hectic schedules but also boosts the morale and overall well-being of elders as they are constructively engaged with a defined purpose.
  • Having a good relationship with grandchildren makes elders set an example within their families and also fulfils certain obligations in their role as family members. By sharing the responsibilities of childcare, family members become more empathetic towards each other and adhere to values and traditional customs better. It also aids extended families in adopting certain good practices thereby helping elders in continuing their dynasty norms seamlessly.
  • The mutual closeness between grandparents and grandchildren happens naturally. This helps elderly people to overcome losses as many of their peers and older people die. Children can easily fill that huge void in their grandparents’ life. This natural emotional rapport is especially beneficial in improving senior dementia health as it evades anxiety and depression in elderly patients.
  • Children imbibe a lot of qualities from the elders in the family. Grandparents are known to be an epitome of values and ethics and they can pass this on to the younger generation by being good mentors and role models. By doing this, they also fulfill the societal obligations of grooming capable citizens for a better tomorrow.

 Thus the magical give-and-take relationship between grandparents and grandchildren gets boosted with unconditional love and natural bonding!


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