The cool breeze and the pleasant climate of the monsoon tempt you to savor some delectable dishes such as hot pakodas and fried snacks while sipping a hot cup of tea. But it is not a healthy option according to a study conducted by some eminent dieticians and sports nutritionists. Monsoon season is often filled with diseases and infections. It is also a breeding ground for E-coli bacteria which are regarded as the host of infections and diseases. It is highly recommended to consume healthy and nutritious foods to stay physically fit and avoid a visit to the hospital. Some of the foods which you must avoid during this monsoon season are listed below:

  1. Green Leafy Vegetables : –

It is not advisable to consume leafy vegetables during monsoon since they are grown in swamps and not properly preserved in hygienic conditions as well. It may lead to an increase in the growth of bacteria or germs.

  1. Fresh juices : –

Try to avoid drinking juice which is sold by the vendors in the street shops. Moreover fruits are usually cut and kept in advance which may result in contamination by exposure to air. Such juices are usually prepared using cheap ice which may cause diseases like diarrhea and jaundice.

  1. Sea food : –

It is highly recommended to avoid intake of sea foods like fish, prawns and crabs since it is the breeding time for them. It is better to switch over to a pure vegetarian diet.

  1. Red meat : –

Avoid consuming red meat during monsoon since it is heavy for the stomach. Instead you may choose either chicken soup or cold chicken salads.

  1. Fried and crispy snacks : –

It is better to avoid consuming fried foods such as pakodas during the monsoon due to an increase in the level of humidity. It might lead to gastric ailments like stomach ache and bloating thereby hampering your digestion process.

  1. Salt : –

Cut down the intake of salt especially during monsoon since it could lead to water retention in your body along with exertion, hunger pangs and heaviness.

  1. Paani poori : –

The vendors often use unhygienic water to prepare this dish and serve it cold. Consuming Pani Poori may cause stomach ache and food poisoning.

  1. Raw and chopped fruits : –

Avoid eating raw and chopped fruits which are left exposed to air for a longer period of time. High humidity during this rainy season could lead to increase in the growth of bacteria. So it is not advisable to consume fruits during this monsoon.

  1. Chaat : –

Chaat is a type of food which causes gastric ailments thereby slowing down your digestion process.

  1. Heavy oils : –

Limit the intake of heavy oils like mustard and sesame during this monsoon since they are highly susceptible to infections and diseases.

So stick to a healthy vegetarian diet during this monsoon season.


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