National Doctor’s Day in India is held every year on July 1st. This day celebrates and honors the doctors for their contribution of time and services to the nation’s wellbeing. The first Doctor’s day was observed on July 1st, 1991 to honor the legendary physician, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, who was the second chief minister of West Bengal .Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, aged 80 was born on July 1st, 1882 and died on the same day in 1962.

Dr.Bidhan Chandra Roy was not only a physician, but also a freedom fighter who fought alongside Mahatma Gandhi in various freedom movements. He started many medical institutions and cared for thousands of patients. In 1961, the nation awarded Dr.Bidhan Chandra Roy with a Bharat Ratna for his valuable services and instituted the B.C Roy National award in 1762 for work in the area of arts, medicine, philosophy, politics, literature and science.

In India, the need for efficient and responsible doctors has risen to a great extent due to the large population. Over the years, Indian doctors have shown a large progress and improvement in the area of medicine which has been acknowledged globally. These advancements has constantly motivated the young population to become doctors and create new discoveries in the medicine field.

Doctors are viewed and worshipped as a symbol of God by many in India for their services in saving human lives. The Doctor’s day is marked as a respect for all those doctors who have uncompromisingly made efforts to keep up the life of their patients against all chances.

While India celebrates Doctor’s day on July 1st , the rest of the world observes it on March 30th. This day is not celebrated with any fun or extravagant activities, but is celebrated in a silent and solemn way. The Doctor’s day in India is observed through special functions organized by the hospitals for their doctors and a display of love and affection from patients through greeting cards and bouquets. Special meetings are held by many healthcare organizations to felicitate doctors and speak about their contributions and achievements.

Doctors have played an important role in the lives of many individuals. For without them, the possibility of seeing a new day won’t be there for many. On this day, the team at Frontenders/HealthOpinion/Healthabove60 would like to salute and laud all the doctors for their efforts and commitment to save human lives. We wish them all a Happy Doctor’s Day !!!


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