Who doesn’t like a soft and delicious dessert? Their taste makes you slurp and softness makes you gulp. It an ordeal for anyone to completely breakup with sugar and sugar contented desserts, even if you’re high on Diabetes. Sugar can wreak the body of diabetic patients if consumed. However, for most of the diabetic patients keeping out from sugar is the toughest task in their life. This crave for sugar is not as sweet as it sounds. Even the greatest conquerors of the world would have been conquered by sweets. So, what we are discussing here is a powerful issue and only the same powered solution can address this.

The desire to have something sweet rises up when body craves for sugar. It can be a result of lack of nutrients in the body or a psychological feeling. The better way to reduce it without harming the body is to have food that is natural and has rich nutritional values. This helps in decreasing the sugar craves significantly.

Here are some powerful tips to reduce the crave for sugar. Ensure to follow them after checking the body sugar levels at regular intervals.

Healthy Diet Pattern

Healthy diet means not only consuming fresh fruits and veggies, but also avoiding food with excess fat. Most of the desserts are prepared with the saturated fats which results in obesity and in high cholesterol levels. This obesity in turn shoots up the blood sugar levels. So consume healthy fats which are also called as unsaturated fats or trans-fat like olive oil, almonds, cod-liver oil and so on. So when you feel eating a dessert then gulp in few almonds. This not only helps in decreasing the sugar crave, but also reduces cholesterol level in blood to maintain a healthy heart and healthy body.

Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and Yoga, if done regularly, stimulate the body and soul and can give complete control over thoughts. This helps us to overcome our weaknesses, even the weakness for sweets. Plan to include yoga and meditation in your day-to-day life. This can be transforming both physically and mentally.

Take Control Over Food Habits

Researches claim that instant energizing food habits like tea and coffee could increase blood sugar levels. It is advisable that they should be reduced or stopped gradually. A habitual tea or coffee drinker consumes approximately 20-30 grams of sugar per day, which is adding up to the daily diet calories. Coffee or tea contains caffeine which when taken in excess has some adverse effects on the body such as sleep disorders and behavioural disturbances. All these factors add up to the increase in the blood sugar levels.

Diabetes has no treatment but the good news is we can manage it live a normal life. Crave for sugar can have a grave impact on the health of a diabetic patient. Balanced diet, food with rich nutrients, regular excise and quitting tea and coffee can help in more than anything to maintain good health. While following all these tips, regular blood sugar levels check-ups at the certified laboratories or diabetes check-up at home for the elderly can help in monitoring and maintaining sugar levels in blood, accurately.


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