Daily Activities for Seniors

All of us, irrespective of age, prefer to have a predictable routine to avoid the fear of the unknown. However, with aging, one tends to lose or have diminishing physical abilities, movements, independence and cognitive capabilities. An unstructured and unpredictable schedule also adds to the stress and anxiety of seniors and is detrimental to their health.

It is therefore advisable to have a reasonably well-planned regime for the elders. It not only benefits them but also helps their family members and caretakers. Everyone around is aware of what to expect and the need for procrastinating about the unexpected happenings is substantially reduced.

Facilities like senior care at home, in fact, encourage such healthy habits as it boosts the morale of the older generation and also promotes their overall fitness and well-being. For those with disabilities, movement constraints and chronic ailments, the option of availing nursing care for seniors can be a boon indeed. This service not only takes care of the elderly healthcare needs but also assists them in daily activities like consuming the right diet and nutrition, doing exercises, practicing hobbies and attending therapy sessions.

Some Benefits of Daily Activities

  • Better health due to reduced anxiety and tension-Constant pressure of losing control over their own lives gives a lot of stress and anxiety to seniors. They face a lot of uncertainty on what is going to happen next. A planned schedule helps seniors in being aware of exactly what is happening currently, what activity they can do, who will assist them and what they need to do next.
  • Enhanced feeling of security and safety-The feeling of knowing your day makes seniors feel secure and safe. They also find it easier to cope up with memory and cognitive problems when they have no fear and are stable.
  • Improved sleep with good rest and peace of mind-A proper routine aids seniors in maintaining better sleep timings and enhancing sleep quality. Following the same timings consistently for basic activities like eating, bathing and dressing helps them to sleep soundly. It also acts as a safe option for evading sleep problems without the usage of medication.

Activities for Senior citizens

  • Exercise regularly-Physical activity and exercises have a profound impact on seniors. It helps them to maintain healthy body weight, elevates their moods, controls various parameters like blood pressure and sugar, prevents the onset of diseases and slows down the aging process. Exercise for seniors can include walking, jogging, swimming, stretching, bending and yoga. Those elders with physical mobility constraints can specifically get tremendous benefits by doing chair yoga.
  • Pursue hobbies-Seniors can pursue their childhood hobbies or explore new ones based on their interests. Listening to music, painting, singing, doing embroidery and gardening are some interesting options for them. Such activities not only calm the mind and help them in using the time constructively but also boost the creative skills.
  • Read books-Books can become the best companions for elders. With plenty of time available at their disposal, seniors can learn a lot of new things and gain valuable insights by reading books. They can also join a book club to share their ideas and views with others. This socialization evades feelings of depression and isolation too.
  • Play board games-Playing board games like chess, scrabble, monopoly and Sudoku improves the memory power and cognitive skills of senior citizens. These pattern recognition and mental activity games also delay the onset of ailments like Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, it fosters a better social connection with the peers.
  • Do mentoring-The vast knowledge and experience gained by seniors during their careers can be well utilized by taking up the mentoring role. This helps them in utilizing their professional skills post-retirement and can act as an income source too!

Thus having a set of daily activities and adhering to it regularly can be a blessing in the lives of senior people.


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