What is counselling?

It is defined as ‘the process in which a proficient trained person will assist or help out people to overcome their personal, communal and psychological troubles’. A specialized counselor is a trained person who makes use of several counselling techniques to help their patients feel better. It efficiently helps people who suffer from depression, drug abuse, stress related issues, problems with self-esteem, unhappiness, emotional and psychological health related problems.

Counselling is also referred as ‘Psychotherapy’ which gives a positive change to all difficulties faced by a person.

Purpose of Counselling:

When a person faces problem in their life that is related to family, work or other circumstances, a counsellor will assist them in coping with their troubles by making use of their skills or building new skills. They create opportunity for them based on their feelings or emotions which are described to the counselor.

Counselling might be described as a type of learning which helps a person to understand oneself, their feelings and connection with other people. When they participate dynamically in the sessions of counselling and if they are open and truthful to the counselor, each individual will surely benefit from the same.

How does the treatment begin?

Counselling is done at three main steps,

  • Beginning stage: The counselor and the patients introduce themselves and build up a good rapport. He gets the patient details and his/her problem.
  • Middle stage: The counselor helps the patient to identify his/her problem and discuss methods to resolve their problem and decide on the suitable method to help him/her.
  • End stage: When the patient’s problem is solved they will decide to end the counselling session.

The whole process may take few sessions. Some people may require less number of sitting while others need more sessions. Sometimes, even a single session is enough to solve the problem. The main aim of the counselor is to relieve the anxiety and feelings of the patient so that it becomes easier to tackle the problem.

Counselling Services at Healthabove60:

Nowadays, many people prefer to seek help for their mental illnesses and go for counselling services. There are many organizations that do counselling professionally. We at Healthabove60 present counselling services for the geriatric population to help them overcome their anxiety and mental problems. Most of our dear ones struggle with feelings of loneliness and helplessness at some point of time. While few are hesitant to seek help, most of them wish to have someone to talk to with whom they can share their problems to overcome their crisis. Our counsellors are well talented and skillful in assisting our patients and helping them to feel better and provide support whenever they are in need of it.

Our home care therapists provide counselling to the elders in the following ways,

  • Supporting them to cope with their health related issues
  • Managing with ageing related problems
  • Supportive therapy
  • Crisis intercession
  • Counselling that focuses on resolution


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