As we age, we tend to face various health related issues and are unable to accomplish many important tasks in spite of our interest in them. After years of toil and perseverance old age is the time to relax and caring for the elderly becomes our ultimate responsibility.

Besides risks to physical health, an imminent threat the elderly class faces is insecurity and loneliness. Due to various health impairments like loss of vision and hearing, verbal memory, cognitive and bodily strength our seniors are more than often treated as outcasts and detached from all social and family gatherings. Most of the people have either short of time or lack willingness to spend time with them.

In the rat race to prosperity, we often forget that old age is a stage that all of us need to pass through, and someday our bright prospects need to slow down when the twilight approaches. But with growing concerns for elders, we have found some brilliant solutions for our white heads. With more elder awareness on the rise, our young blood has found some productive activities for seniors. Out of which children work as marvelous therapy for our old people. Spending time with our little cherubs makes them feel light hearted and secure.

Our elders can always share a small chit chat with kids; they can share wonderful stories of their past experiences and give the future generation a glimpse of the world that they lived in. Our kids are the treasure for future, and we can never imagine the joie de vivre they can offer us in curing many mental and physical ailments. Besides, these days we have many organizations and clubs for the elderly, which take care of their recreation and health. If kids surround our seniors, then it has an extremely positive effect on their hearts. The kids are the youngest member of the family, so they help us to share a real bonding between the three generations of a family.

Let’s take a look at some of the remarkable effects our kids can have on elders:

  • Playing with kids is fun and can trigger the body’s feel-good hormones called endorphins. It promotes a sense of overall well-being and can mitigate as well as relieve pain to a great extent.
  • To improve the functionality of the brain and overcome the challenge of memory loss games like chess, sudoku and other activities can be persuaded. It works in more than one way like they have a chance to have increased interaction with their family and friends, which in turn can make them feel relaxed and can ward off their stress and depression.
  • Laughter is considered as the best therapies and can make a person feel rejuvenated. And when elderly people are shared with fun and laughter it fosters empathy, compassion, and trust.
  • Our elders also need a proper inspection of their physical and mental health from time to time.

It is always suggested to go together and play together to bring vitality, joy, and resilience in any relationship. Playing has an excellent capability to cure resentment, discords, and can solve many aging and geriatric issues. Much you interact more your relationship will flourish.

If we give proper medical counseling and spend sufficient time with them, we can increase their self-esteem and ensure to dwell in a happy society.


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