benefits of papaya

Say the word “Papaya” and instantly you get a reply-“it’s good for eyesight!’. Beyond that, do you know how Papaya is best for elderly care?

Called by Christopher Columbus as the fruit of the angels, Papaya is loaded with anti-oxidants and vitamins that help to rejuvenate the elderly.  Let us take a look at the benefits of papaya in elderly care.

Benefits of Papaya in elderly care

Papaya is naturally loaded with iron, folate and fibre and is an excellent Vitamin C supplement. for seniors, Papaya is a life-saver as it

  1. Reduces the risk of heart disease

Papaya is rich in potassium and vitamins which help to reduce the risk of heart disease.

  • An increased intake of potassium is vital to ward off heart disease by consuming papaya on a daily basis.
  • The dietary fibre in Papaya reduces LDL cholesterol levels by inhibiting its absorption during digestion.
  • Its anti-oxidants like lycopene and carotene along with Vitamin C & E prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. Only oxidized cholesterol will stick to the walls of the arteries and cause heart ailments.
  • The folate in Papaya helps to control the homocysteine levels in the blood which might otherwise cause damage to the blood vessels.
  1. Controls diabetes
  • Papaya has low-sugar levels which are just right for diabetics.
  • Type 1 diabetic patients need high fibre to lower their blood glucose levels which can be provided by Papaya.
  • Papaya helps to prevent the progression of Type 2 diabetes with its fibre content by improving the insulin levels.
  1. Prevents Cancer

Papaya is powerful in cancer cure.

  • The abundant reservoir of antioxidants in Papaya like lycopene, carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin which help in reducing the risk of cancer.
  • The beta-carotene present in Papaya is potent in preventing prostate cancer.
  • The Isothiocyanates present in Papaya suppress the tumour-forming proteins and eliminate carcinogens.
  • The Proteolytic enzymes present in Papaya dissolves the fibrin-protein layer which forms a protective shield around the cancer cells.
  1. Best for Bone health

Papaya is good for bones too.

  • Papaya is a good source of Vitamin K which is vital for the absorption of calcium in our body. Low intake of vitamin K leads to bone fractures.
  • The high content of Vitamin C in anti-inflammatory foods like Papaya keeps arthritis at bay.
  1. Ant -inflammatory food and immunity booster

Papaya is a great immunity booster with its high content of Vitamin C making it one of the greatest anti-inflammatory foods.

  • One single serving of Papaya provides more than 200% of the quota of Vitamin C needed to provide immunity from all diseases.
  • The Proteolytic enzymes in Papaya help to digest proteins and reduce inflammation
  1. Is the best food for eyesight

Papaya is the best food for better eyesight  due to its rich abundance of Vitamin A.

  • The Vitamin A in Papaya prevents age-related macular degeneration and is best for elderly care.
  • Flavonoids like lutein and zeaxanthin help seniors to maintain good eyesight even in their advanced years.
  1. Improves digestion

Papaya is ideal for elderly care as it accelerates digestion

  • The fibre content in papaya helps to digest foods easily by improving bowel movements
  • One small papaya has 3gms of fibre which is enough to keep you full and energized as it is equivalent to 17 gms of carbohydrates.
  1. Stress Buster

The  200 mg of Vitamin C Papaya helps to reduce stress. Senior citizens can begin their day with a bowl of papaya to boost their energy and happiness.

  1. Anti-Ageing

The Vitamin C and E in Papaya help to repair wrinkles and damaged cells and helps elders to stay young and healthy.

Papaya is a super-food for elderly care . start with a bowl of Papaya today to keep age and ailments at bay.


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