Seniors face a number of health issues as they get older. The risk of developing pains in the joints and thereby getting Arthritis is one such problem. Many factors including family history, gender and increasing age contribute to this disease progression. Due to Arthritis, the elders are forced to live in chronic pain and face several related debilitating symptoms.

There are more than hundred types of Arthritis which mostly affects the senior population.

Osteo Arthritis (OA), Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Psoriatic Arthritis (PA) are the most common forms. The development and progression of each of these diseases vary widely though all of them cause pain. Eventually, this could even lead to loss of functionality or even physical deformity. OA attacks a large population and particularly the women. It causes wear and tear of the bone cartilage leading to stiffness and inflammation besides pain. Physical inactivity, overweight issues and imbalanced diets worsen the symptoms.

7 ways of Arthritis Prevention

Some of the risk factors of Arthritis are not under our control like age and inheritance. However, there are others which are modifiable so as to prevent or reduce its effects. Active routines can prevent Arthritis by reducing the extent of pain, increasing mobility, enhancing the capability of independent functioning and improving the quality of living. Ways of doing this include-

  • Exercises: Regular exercise offer effective relief to pain and stiffness. It safeguards and strengthens bones and joints and also helps in shedding excess weight. Senior Arthritis Exercises involve making gentle movements of various body parts to maintain flexibility. Usually, a combination of strengthening exercises along with aerobic activities like walking or swimming is advisable. Arthritis Physiotherapy Treatment offers customized exercises for stretching and increasing the range of motion based on the senior’s health condition and physical limitations.  Physiotherapy Home Care Services  are particularly useful for elders who cannot go outside for physical activity and therapy sessions due to the prevalence of mobility constraints and other chronic health ailments.
  • Healthy Weight: Being overweight increases the probability of developing Arthritis as it puts extra pressure and strain on the weight-bearing joints and the spine. Therefore adults who are obese are likely to experience more symptoms. A judicious balance of healthy nutrition and remaining active can help in maintaining a healthy weight. The services of Home Nursing Care for Elderly can assist in actively engaging them and ensuring they consume nutritious meals on time.
  • Injury Avoidance-Aging causes weakening of joints. Any further joint injuries inflicted by sports activities or accidents can further hamper the cartilage and cause its quick damage. Hence seniors must take precautions to prevent injuries by using the correct exercise techniques and proper safety sports equipment.
  • Balanced Diets-Consuming balanced nutrition and maintaining the ideal weight is crucial for preventing Arthritis. Elders should consume foods rich in calcium for healthy bones and omega-3 fatty acids for reducing inflammation.
  • Strain Management-It is important to maintain the right posture for doing various activities like sitting or working out. Ensure to use the correct techniques for lifting weights to avoid straining of joints.
  • Self-Awareness-Being aware of physical limitations and avoiding over-exertion can prevent the risk of joint damage. It is important for elders to pace out their activities and use mobility-aids if required.
  • Physician Consultation- Regular visits to doctors is important as Arthritis damage is progressive. Delay in treatment causes permanent destruction of joints.

Hence, following certain healthy habits and making lifestyle modifications can prevent the onset of Arthritis and even delay its progression in those already affected by the disease. This includes regular exercise regimes and the consumption of a healthy diet. Many of these consistent practices and routines not only minimize Arthritis risk but also prevent other ailments!


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