Summer is just bidding a year-long goodbye while the showers just preparing to drench. As the hot weather is being cooled down by the pleasing breezes, it is common for seniors, rather all age groups for that matter, to crave for some crunchy and spicy bites during the cool evenings.

These cravings can turn out to be so powerful that you may almost give up on your healthy diet  and start munching the spicy chips and bites that carry a fair amount of unsaturated fats. This is the reason why dietitians urge everyone, especially the senior citizens, to control their cravings and turn to the better options such as almonds, nuts and other dry-fruits instead.

Dry-fruits, especially walnuts, make a perfect snack in any kind of weather with its natural and energy, fiber and protein. Walnuts share the top place in the family of nuts, thanks to its antioxidant potency. In addition, this is the only nut that contains alpha-linolenic acid that keeps the brain and heart in good functional condition. Especially, the shape of walnut just looks like the brain and the rich nutrients it provides the brain made walnuts ‘the brain food’. Here is a list of the other health benefits of this amazing nut.

  • Reduces the Chances of Cardiovascular Diseases – The components available in the whole walnut or in its extracts improve the performance of HDL fats (the good fats) in removing the clogged fats in the arteries. This, in turn, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Promotes Brain Health – Forgetfulness and decreased cognitive function are few of the age-related health issues seniors may face. Consuming walnuts on a daily basis improve the brain function. The healthy amounts of Vitamin E in walnuts prevent the cognitive decline that usually occurs along with the age. Also, the b-vitamin folate helps in enhanced neural function giving the brain the additional boost during the cognitive functions. This is another reason why the walnuts are called as the brain food.
  • Prevents Cancer – Walnuts are capable of controlling the cell division, thanks to its phenolic compounds, gamma-tocopherol and the antioxidant properties. All these components are essential in controlling the cell division and daily consumption of walnuts decrease the chances of various cancers.
  • Improves Bone Strength – Age-related degeneration in seniors cause a reduction in bone strength. The essential fatty acids that are available in walnuts help the elders to regain their bone strength. Also, sufficient amount of calcium is required to keep the bones stronger for a long time and walnuts are rich in calcium.
  • Maintains Healthy Metabolism Rate – Walnuts, as a rich source of minerals such as manganese, calcium, copper, iron, zinc, potassium and selenium make sure the metabolic functions of the body are occurring at the healthy rate. Maintaining a healthy metabolism rate is imperative for seniors to avoid many health complications.
  • Reduces Stress and Helps in Sleep Better – The melatonin compound is essential in order to have a sound quality sleep and walnuts are the best sources for melatonin. In addition, the omega-3 fatty acids help in lowering the blood pressure and stress.
  • For Easing the Constipation – Decreased digestive ability associated with constipation is one of the biggest concerns of the elderly. Fiber is essential in easing the digestion and preventing constipation. The rich sources of fiber in the walnuts and help the elders in performing the proper bowel function, every day.

In addition, walnuts help in internal cleansing, preventing fungal infections, improving skin health, enhanced immunity and reducing the inflammatory diseases. Make sure these super nuts are part of your regular diet for a healthy senior living experience.


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