elders with memory loss

The human brain, probably, is the most sophisticated organ in the body. It involves in almost all the bodily functions. Memory is one of the most important functions of the brain. The ability to remember things varies from person to person. There are various factors that help or deter your ability of memory.

Memory issues are often found in the seniors as the brain’s cognitive reserve gets diminished with time due to neurological damage that is common in aging lives. There are various ways you could reduce the occurrence of this damage, if not prevent.

Continue reading the blog to know more about the ways you could stop the neurological damage and sharpen the memory in seniors.

  • Stay Mentally Active – As per the saying from an infamous TV show – A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone. Keep your mind as active. Indulge yourself in reading books, solving puzzles, play chess and board games that require focus and prolonged concentration. Learning to play a musical instrument will not only reduce your stress but also improves the body and mind coordination.
  • Maintain a Healthy Weight – Overweight is one of the reasons for many health issues faced by today’s generation. Keep yourself physically active to avoid an array of health issues including the memory related issues. Being active improves the blood circulation to all parts of the body, including brain and sufficient oxygen supply to the brain is all that it needs to be in good health.
  • Keep Yourself Organized – Maintain a to-do list that helps you keep on track. It reduces stress and supports you in doing them in a better way. Make it a practice to keep things such as keys, wallet and spectacles in the same places. You will find it extremely useful especially when you are in a hurry. Remember, keeping yourself organized does not mean that you live the same life every day. Know the difference between keeping organized and living a life that is not so regular.
  • Eat Healthy – The most important aspect that needs to be covered comprehensively. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables and all types of nuts. Low-fat protein such as fish, beans and poultry could help you in maintaining a healthy brain. Walnuts and badams are excellent food sources to keep your brain healthy. Grab a fistful of them every day to avoid most of the brain conditions. Keep yourself away from alcohol, and drugs as they work fast to destroy your memory power.
  • Sleep and Meditate Daily and at the Same Time – The trick for a healthy brain lies in how much rest and peace you give to the brain. Sufficient sleep hours make the brain more productive and meditation ensures your brain is in a peaceful state irrespective of the situation. Go to bed daily at the same time and meditate at the same time too. As per the old saying, go to be as early as possible and wake up in the early morning which is an ideal time for meditation.
  • Be with People – After are we all are social animals. Be socialize and meet new people. It is the best way of living! Be surrounded by people as much time as possible. It will not only keep you motivated about life but also help you to make most of every moment.

Know when to seek medical help for the elders with memory loss. There are home healthcare providers who offer nursing care for seniors  with dementia. Take their help to ensure your elders are in good hands. 

Forgetting things every now and then is quite common. But the issue arises when that frequency of that now and then becomes regular. It is an unfortunate fact that most of us focus only on physical health, giving the brain health only the occasional priority. It is not too late to follow the simple ways to help your brain in functioning better. 


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