preventive health check for elders

The old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ will never get older and it is as true as the goodness of a healthy life. The principle to lead a healthy life is simple – Nutritious food that contains vegetables and fruits, physical activities on a daily basis, healthy living habits and health check ups at regular intervals. These tests make you realize the smallest changes in the body which could unveil themselves into critical illnesses or diseases.

Even though the rule for a good life is pretty straight forward, we make it more complex by not committing to the basics. A preventive health check is one of our basic needs. Everything will be well and good when you are young energetic. It is the matured adulthood when the dawn of an array of health issues occur.

It is extremely important for all age groups to undergo frequent health checks. This blog is an attempt to remind you all about the importance of preventive health check ups for seniors. Here are a few general health checks that seniors could avail at the primary health care level and even by the home healthcare service providers.

  • Blood Pressure Screening – Blood pressure screening is a common test that is done for most of the health issues. Seniors should undergo blood pressure screening at least once in every 6 months. The results will help you in understand the irregularities in the initial stages itself. Seniors with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and heart conditions.
  • Cholesterol Screening – The complete cholesterol screening, also known as a lipid panel or lipid profile, is a test to measure the good and bad cholesterol in the bloodstream. Cholesterol is needed by the body for certain function but too much presence of it can lead to heart, brain and liver conditions. This screening is recommended for seniors for at least once in every year.
  • Diabetes Screening – Diabetes is one of those rare conditions that show no symptoms of any sort for a long time. Sometimes, it goes unnoticed for years. Diabetes screening is a recommended test for both adults and matured adults to ensure their health. Seniors who have lived a sedentary lifestyle that includes poor eating habits, smoking and alcoholism, cholesterol issues, high blood pressure, family history of diabetes and history of vascular conditions should undergo this screening. This screening is
  • Vaccines and Immunization – Vaccinations are the protectors from a spectrum of health conditions that range from mild to severe. Once injected, most of these shots will protect you for a lifetime. Based on your medical history and doctor’s recommendations, you need to take these vaccine and immunization shots for the greater good. Vaccines are the best solutions for various diseases serious may catch up with during their matured adulthood.
  • Physical Screening – Body mass index and other aspects of physical health will be checked in this screening. Ensure your elders are undergoing physical screening at least once in a year without fail.
  • Oral Screening – Regular dental screening is a must for all age groups. But it should be part of healthy aging in particular as it is the older age one tends to lose teeth and also the oral hygiene get affected for various reasons. Ensure your seniors are undergoing dental health checkups at frequent and regular intervals to ensure dental hygiene and health. There are various home care providers who offer home dental care services which you could take advantage of to excuse the travel burden.

It is not a secret that seniors require additional medical help as their immunity and physical strength gets diminished as they advance in age. Preventive health checks for seniors is a necessity for the elders than a need to keep their health on track.


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