Old age is deceiving. Major aspect that deceives senior citizens are their teeth. All organs may not work properly but they will stay inside. The teeth won’t. It has the tendency to fall off in older age due to inadequate dental care in younger days. Oral hygiene is much more important than any other actions of cleanliness. As we get older, the gum and roots will get feeble and teeth will fall off. Losing teeth will create major health issues and other complications. Senior citizens cannot get enough nutrients for their health due to the lack of chewing ability. And also they cannot speak properly due to the absences of teeth.

Appropriate geriatric dental care treatment is mandatory for senior citizens. With elderly dental care, the above said problem can be solved by placing dentures in the place of teeth. Senior citizens can chew and speak properly with the help of dentures. Even though the dentures are fake and cosmetic, proper care is necessary for them in order not to develop any dangerous infections and further dental complications. It is the responsibility of them and their caretakers to properly clean and maintain the dentures to keep up dental care at home.

Senior health tips for maintaining dentures at home

  • Oral care

Dentures may be fake, but the place where the dentures are placed is real. So it is important to strictly follow oral care by gargling and cleaning the tongue and to preserve the strength of the gum. Proper dental care should be practiced every day.

  • Clean the dentures

Dirty dentures have the ability to allow bacterial growth on them. Usually, our mouth has millions of bacteria inside. Some of them might be harmful and the bacteria growing on the dirty dentures is definitely harmful. So it is very hygienic and protective to clean the dentures thoroughly every day with a respective cleaning solution and cleaning materials.

  • Brushing every day

Food particles and plaques stuck in between the dentures lead to blackening and oral infection. So by brushing the dentures regularly, the build-up of unwanted particles in the dentures can be blocked.

  • Rinsing every once in a while

It is important to rinse your mouth frequently to get rid of the possibilities of catching oral infections. It also helps if you rinse your mouth after every meal to discharge all the remaining food particles that are piled up between the dentures. Use proper dental care solutions to rinse your mouth to avoid bacterial infections.

  • Keep them wet when unused

It is difficult to wear the dentures all the time and it is not at all advised to wear them while sleeping. Removing them at night will relax the gums and inner mouth muscles from the pressure caused. At these times, dentures should be stored properly because they are made up of sensitive materials and get easily scratched or damaged. The dentures should be kept in a closed container soaked in water or separate denture solution. Consult your dentist regularly. If you have any inconvenience in the fitting of your dentures, you should consult your dentist and let them handle your dentures than plucking and poking yourself. It is highly preferable to get a regular dental check-up to maintain your dentures and keep up your oral hygiene.


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