A disease or a health ailment that continues for a period that is more than 6 months and beyond is known as Chronic Medical Condition in medical terms. In the presence of a chronic disorder in the body, the person may require to take structural medications that are prescribed by the doctors to keep the disorder from advancing or from causing further health complications.

Diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and few types of orthopaedic conditions are known as chronic health conditions. The Chronic Disease Management (CDM) deals with the way one needs to manage their chronic health condition in order to cope with health requirements of that disease.

As the chronic disorders do not require special medical attention (on a regular basis) except for few disorders that require to be checked periodically, they can be managed at home with the help of home healthcare service providers. The services of in-home healthcare benefit the patients at a great level, especially for the senior citizens as they face many chronic health complications due to the age factor.

The Importance of CDM

Chronic Illness that impacts on the functional ability of a person, certainly needs continuous medical attention and supportive long-term care (SLC). For elders who are frail and also suffering from Chronic Diseases, the CDM is intertwined in their day-to-day lives.

CDM at Home and the Benefits of It

  • Personalized Care

In a home atmosphere, the physician and the patient will have a better understanding and the doctor will have an opportunity to thoroughly go through the medical records of the patient and the current status of health and the medication allergies. This leads to full attention and enhanced patient-doctor interaction that makes the care, personalized.

  • Structured Treatment Plan

The physicians who come for doctor home visits will construct a detailed and multidisciplinary medical plan that focuses on overall wellbeing. In addition, the medical plan that is developed post analysing every aspect of the person’s chronic condition, will definitely help the person.

  • Accessibility of Care Around the Clock

The accessibility to primary care at home will be available around the clock and all days in a week. This help the seniors who are unable to travel to the hospital for ailments that require primary medical care. Patients who are bed-ridden or have limited mobility access can avail this service around the clock.

  • Continuity of Care

As the name implies the effect of chronic diseases lasts for many years on your health. By availing the in home healthcare services, you can reduce the need of visiting a hospital and the care can be continued by the skilled and experienced medical professionals.

  • Follow-up and Care Transitions

The process of care transitions and the referrals will be done with precision that gives no scope for any miscommunication or confusions. The dedicated executives will follow-up on the current condition of the person keep a track record on his/her medical history. The smooth transitioning process and follow-up will help and the medical brief will help the other doctor to understand the exact health condition with accuracy.

People who learn how to manage their chronic health conditions and the symptoms can improve their quality of life, especially people with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. A positive approach towards life with the help of right and personalized chronic disease management and care will help the person to progress on the health ladder at a great pace. In addition, this type of approach will help the person to even prevent the disease from advancing to next level.


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