Jeera Water

Indian cuisine is incomplete with the mention of spices. Be it traditional dishes or new recipes, spices make them flavorful and increase the health benefits. Improving the digestion, immunity, blood circulation and better metabolism are few of the health benefits of spices.

Especially, the oblong-shaped spice known as cumin seeds has a vast list of health benefits both in and out of the dishes. The aromatic ingredient has been part of human life even from the ancient times. The Greek, Persian, Egypt and Roman cultures have given an important role to cumin in their dishes.

Jeera could be more than a mere ingredient used for flavor. Known for the healing quality cumins have more than hundred medicinal properties. It is an excellent source of iron, vitamins, protein, minerals and fatty acids.

Apart from adding cumin to your regular diet, drinking cumin water could help you in many ways. For best results, develop a habit of drinking this on an empty stomach. Just boil a tablespoon of cumin seeds and drink after cooling it down.

Cumin seeds water, popularly known as jeera water could be an excellent source to avoid common health issues in seniors, thanks to its medicinal properties. Here are few health benefits of jeera water.

  1. Ideal for Digestion –
  • Just a glass of jeera water every day help you in regulating the secretion of digestive enzymes.
  • Digestive enzymes are instrumental in breaking down the food particles and extracting the carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
  • Acidity and bloating are common in adults and jeera water is the perfect solution for such health issues.
  • It also helps in managing the chronic and acute digestion-related health issues. Also, jeera water is known for preventing the indigestion issues.
  1. Excellent Immunity Booster –
  • As we age, immunity resistance levels get reduced. This makes seniors vulnerable to get various health issues.
  • Jeera as the primary source of anti-oxidant characteristics, iron and dietary fiber fight the free radicals and improve the immune system.
  • Iron helps in better blood circulation and thus providing the required nutrients to the cells.
  • Iron is also an essential element in forming the hemoglobin which carries the oxygen to the body cells.
  1. Improves the Respiratory System –
  • Jeera is the first medicine taken by many with cold. The anti-congestive properties available in jeera help in easing cold.
  • The availability of thymoquinone in cumin seeds help in reducing the inflammation caused by asthma.
  • Consuming the jeera water will dilute the mucus that has been formed in the respiratory system due to cold.
  • Seniors with respiratory issues can drink it for temporary relief, especially when they got cold.
  1. Improves Memory Power –
  • Reduced memory power and cognitive ability are few of the health issues facing by the growing generation.
  • The anti-stress and anti-oxidant properties available in jeera help the individuals with these issues in increasing the memory power and in reducing stress.
  • Cumin is also known as the neutralizer of the biochemicals that are released due to the stress.
  1. Helps in Sleeping Sound –
  • Sleeplessness, insomnia and sleep disorders are few of the health issues faced by most of the senior citizens.
  • The property of melatonin in cumins could help the elders with seniors.
  • Drink jeera water and consume a banana which together produce the chemicals that help you in sleeping better.
  • You could also mix the cumin powder in a fully riped banana and take this mixture just before you go to bed.

Cumin, the ancient spice, serves you with a number of health benefits. Ensure this amazing spice occupies priority position in your healthy diet list for a better senior living  experience.


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