Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine which deals with certain therapies like manual therapy, exercise therapy and Electrotherapy. It helps in promoting or enhancing mobility as well as correcting impairments by diagnosing and conducting examinations led by a team of professional physical therapists. Besides clinical practice, some of the other activities involved in a physical therapy profession include research, consultation, education and administration.

A physical therapist carefully examines the medical history of a particular individual before the commencement of the therapy. Certain tests are conducted prior to the therapy such as X-Rays, CT scans, MRI findings and Electro diagnostic testing. Based on the diagnosis, they will be able to arrive at a decision as to what type of treatment is required for that individual.

A physical therapist provides the necessary support and guidance to the individual to regain their mobility. Fitness and wellness oriented programs are also organized to lead a healthy lifestyle. Physical therapy is a profession which comprises of several specialties such as musculoskeletal, sports, neurology, wound care, EMG, geriatrics, cardiopulmonary, women’s health and pediatrics. There are times during which a physical therapist adopts the role of health care executives and health care administration.

It is estimated that almost half of the people around the world are struggling to cope with mobility challenges which prevents them from visiting physiotherapy clinics. Physiotherapy treatments are an integral part of our everyday regime. Physiotherapy helps in alleviating neck and back pains, osteoporosis and many other diseases. One of the drawbacks with respect to physiotherapy is that a patient is required to travel long distances to consult a therapist or visit a clinic. As a result, most of the patients prefer physiotherapy at home rather than visiting hospitals.

Now let us look at some of the advantages of home based physiotherapy.

    1. Saves Time:

An individual is able to save a considerable amount of time by availing physiotherapy services at home. One can schedule his appointment at his/her own discretion. Stress and fatigue are also reduced to a great extent.

    1. Home Comfort:

Home based physiotherapy is one of the ideal options since you are familiar and comfortable with the home environment rather than visiting a clinic which is thronged with people. There is also a positive ambience while undergoing physiotherapy at home.

    1. Affordable:

An individual is required to visit a hospital three times per week. Travelling expenses can be eliminated once and for all in the case of home based physiotherapy.

    1. Safe and Secure:

Undergoing physiotherapy treatments at home enable the family members of a particular patient to monitor the kind of treatments given to their loved one. They can also make sure that the person is provided with an appropriate treatment which suits their needs and requirements, whereas constant supervision would be a difficult task when the Physio service is availed at a clinic.


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