design an active retirement life

Decades of time has gone into the work-life and a significant amount of energy was spent building the future of kids. Not everybody will get their time – the time dedicated for themselves, once they start their own family.

The big changes in life occur at every next corner and one has to be completely prepared to face the typical challenges of life. Nobody believes in the concept of time travel but they believe it flies. You tie the knot and blink, kids are born. You get them joined in school and blink, they are graduates now and doing jobs.

With all the memories of life and experiences of living, everybody wants to spend each day in their retirement in harmony. But only a few will achieve this. Those who plan for an active retired life. Those who planned and worked for it ages back! Well, the good news is it is never late to start something good.

All that you need for an active retired life is a bit of skill in foreseeing things. Everybody thinks if the financial support is well set, retired life would be all set. It true to some extent but there are other aspects of life on which you need to plan and act for an active senior life. Read on here to know the 4 golden rules to design an active retired life.

  1. Health Over Finances

Of course, you need money for comfortable living but you need to be in good health to experience those comforts. Take care of your health by living an active life. You don’t need to discover the new principles to find the secrets of healthy aging. The rules for a healthy living is simple – 1. Keep an eye on what you eat and make fruits and vegetables your rumbling sources. 2. Sweat out by involving in some physical activity but remember the consistency is the key. 3. Undergo the health checkups for seniors  at regular intervals.

  1. Spend Time than Money for Happiness

The price you need to pay for being happy is your time and not money. Remember the best of your happiest moments would be the time you spent with your loved ones. Try to be as social as possible. Make new friends and be a people-rich man than a rich man. Value the humanly relationships. Remember that loneliness will come to those who lock up behind the door. Know the difference between being alone and being lonely.

  1. Be in Touch with Nature

Being in close proximity to the nature will teach you so many things. It is unfortunate that as we advance in time the distance between plants and people is growing. One way to handle this ‘situation’ is by making gardening as your hobby. Try the urban gardening ideas which will help you to pursue your hobby in considerably less space with fewer resources.

  1. Make Yourself Available

As a senior, your contribution is key to make the world a better living space. Try to be available for the people who are in need. Not every need could be fulfilled by money. Teach for poor and volunteer for social causes. Try to offer yourself as a service. Give a hand to the lonely child who needs a shoulder to lean on. There would be no match to the happiness you would get after seeing the gratification in eyes of the people whom you just helped out. 

The only time you would get sometime for yourself is the time of your retirement. It is the time when you sit back and relax. It is the time you would turn back and look at all the major events that made you what you are today as a person. Plan it in such a way that you make the most of it.  


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