constipation issues

Constipation or difficulty in emptying the bowels is one of the common issues in senior citizens. There are various reasons that trigger constipation issue in seniors. Sometimes reasons such as dehydration, medications and food that consists of less or no fiber lead to this issue.

The symptoms of constipation depend on the severity of the issue in each individual. Passing stool two are three times a week, a sensation of incomplete passing and feeling unable to pass stool are the common symptoms of constipation.

Few people may experience constipation only when they take food that has no fiber and few may experience it for a long time. Along with the medications prescribed by the doctors , there are certain foods that effectively ease constipation.

Here are 10 food that helps to reduce constipation and resume your bowel functions to the level of normality. 

  1. Pears
  • Pears fruit contains fiber that covers most of the fiber content that is required for a whole day. This is the reason why doctors suggest to take pears during the night times.
  • They are also rich in fructose that could not be absorbed by the intestines and ends up in the colon. As a reaction for osmosis, it improves the bowel movement for better passing.
  • Sorbitol, another sugar like fructose, could not be absorbed by the intestines and ensure sufficient water present in the colon.
  • Pears could be consumed in many ways. Seniors could take it as a juice, mix it in salad and eat it raw.
  1. Kiwifruits
  • Another fruit that is an excellent source of fiber with a significant nature to improve the ease of defecation.
  • In addition, eating at least 2 kiwifruits per day for more than 3 to 4 weeks improve the frequency of passing stool in few cases of chronic constipation.
  • The enzyme ‘actinidain’ is essential in increasing bowel movements and the kiwifruits are the best resources for actinidain.
  • Kiwis could be taken as raw as it helps all the nutrients of it consumed in their best form. Also, kiwis go well with all fruit-salads.
  1. Apples
  • Apples are best sources for fiber and in this sense consuming an apple for a day will definitely keep you away from the bowel issues.
  • Apple consists of dietary fiber called pectin and it produces short-chain fatty acids by fermenting with the bacteria.
  • These short-chain fatty acids ensure the colon is full with sufficient water and decreases the stool transmit time in the gut. This helps in easy defecation.
  1. Figs
  • Daily consumption of figs greatly reduces the chances of constipation while promoting good bowel movements.
  • The enzyme available in ficain, just as actinidain in kiwifruit, is believed to be responsible for the bowel movement.
  • Taking figs at least twice a day along with sufficient water consumption is a natural way to treat or prevent constipation.
  • Figs could be taken as part of your snacks and could be eaten as a raw fruit. Also, they could be chopped and taken as a seasoning in your diet.

Apart from these, the fruits in the citrus family are the known source of fiber. The dietary fiber available in the peel of citrus fruits such as grapefruits, oranges and mandarins. In addition, citrus fruits contain flavanol that has a positive impact on the bowel functions.

As constipation is an issue that could not be shared with many, observe the defecation patterns and the behavioral changes in your seniors. Talk to them and get medical help as chronic constipation could lead to serious health issues.       


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