Summer is here and so the sweltering heat. It opens the doors for a hot and steamy weather that could instantly drain the energy in the body. As the temperatures climb up on the thermometer, it becomes more difficult to deal with, especially if you are a senior citizen and hasn’t prepared yourself for the heat game.

Summer not only leads to various changes outside but also inside your body. The digestive system becomes sluggish, appetite patterns changes and body demands a special attention and urge you to watch your mouth before swallowing any spicy or oily foods. If you are a seniors citizen, you need to consider sticking strictly to a balanced and a rich diet.

By this time you might have understood that it would be seniors who pay the price more than anyone during blistering summers. Not like it does not show any impact on the people in other age brackets but the seniors face summer complications additionally for various reasons.

The main reason being that our bodies lose the ability to regulate the temperature of the body based on the temperature outside. They should always help their bodies in the process of cooling themselves down to avoid heatstroke  which has serious complications on health.

Though the popular notion ‘Age is just a number’ motivates seniors to live a healthy life, the season of summer gives seniors every reason to take the hot weather in a submissive manner to beat the heat in fashion. Here are few tips that could help you in getting the job done.

  • Stay Hydrated – The health mantra that needs to be chanted during summer is – Drink Plenty of Water.

Why Should You Drink Plenty of Water During Summer?

Our body needs an ideal temperature (37 degrees Celsius) to function normally. And, when the weather gets high on temperature, the body too will get heated along with the internal systems. The very reason why it produces excessive sweat that contains electrolytes and fluids. If water is not replenished in the body, it may lead to dehydration. In order to cool down the internal system, you need to drink plenty of water at regular intervals.

  • Dress-up Right – Clothes do something more than just covering our body. It is our first source that protects us from heat and dust. Wear light-colored and loose clothes during summer for better heat management.

Why Should You Dress Light?

Cotton and linen clothes can help you by being the better conductors of heat. Light colored and loose fittings help by preventing the body from absorbing more heat and by letting more air flow which will cool down the body.

  • Watch Your Mouth – Ensure you consume a balanced, fiber-rich and oil-free diet to avoid any health complications such as constipation, indigestion and dehydration.

Why You Should Eat Right?

Eating right is essential in every season, not just in summer. A balanced diet that is rich in nutrients, Vitamins and proteins along with other essential will keep the body temperature under control in summer, preventing any health complications that may occur.

  • Know the Health Condition – Even though you help your elders in every aspect for a cool and controlled health during summer, ensure your elders are constantly checked and they are indoors.

Why Should They Be in Touch?

Summer could worsen the age-related health issues by interrupting the body functioning patterns. Stay in touch with your seniors and check on them at regular intervals.

Follow these simple tips to beat the heat and to enjoy the clear skies and the extended daytime with your family. Happy Summer!


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