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Healthabove60 is Chennai’s preferred home healthcare that treats and heals the senior citizens with utmost care and compassion. We improve elderly lives by providing them the better quality treatment at the comfort of their home, where seniors feel safe and dignified. Our dedicated and committed staff towards elderly wellness, is medical minded and empathetic hearted. Our meticulously designed senior-centric healthcare services promote personalized treatment for a fast-paced recovery and bring significant improvement in the overall wellbeing of the elderly.

We are the only home healthcare who offers medical care services exclusively only for the senior citizens. This quality of ours has made us the best geriatric patient care services provider in the field of elderly care. Our in-depth knowledge in geriatric care associated with experience and expertise comes in handy while providing appropriate medical assistance for seniors at the time of uncertainty.

We offer comprehensive medical care for elderly at home through scheduled visits by experienced doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists. We also deliver other medical services such as nursing assistance, blood collection, medical equipment for sales and rentals, non-emergency ambulance services, medicine home delivery services - bringing healthcare to the fingertips of the elderly who need it the most than other age groups.

Our committed doctors, nurses and other paramedics are highly qualified and possess a clean medical background. They are compassionate and empathetic toward the elderly as we strongly believe and very well know that treatment without a personal touch can never heal.

Home Healthcare is cost effective and most preferred for the elderly as they may easily get infections in a hospital environment. At HealthAbove60, we follow the highest standards of clinical procedures which reduce the necessity of visiting a hospital yet provide hospital-quality treatment. In addition, seniors feel comfortable in getting treated at home as it is more healing and more peaceful.

Healthabove60 offers personalized treatment to the elderly while giving peace of mind to their bloodline. We are committed to senior lives. We are here for their wellbeing. This dedication our clients brought us 98% of excellent feedback from our delighted clientele and made us the most trusted geriatric home healthcare brand in Chennai.

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Key Benefits

senior centric home care

Senior-Centric Home Care

Senior health is our focus, our forte and our expertise. We are the only home healthcare who is completely senior-centric.

personalized treatment for seniors

Personalized Treatment

The customized treatment plan for the unique personal health needs of every patient to support with appropriate care and comfort.

 afforadable home healthcare

Affordable Home Healthcare

Accountable treatment that is affordable and accessible at your chosen convenience and at your own ambience.

Healthcare Under One Roof

Healthcare Under One Roof

We offer almost all medical needs of senior citizens like no one does. We have got every health need of seniors under one roof.

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patient cot

Patient Cot

wheel chair

Wheel Chair

oxygen concentrators

Oxygen Concentrators



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