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Medical Equipment

Healthabove60 offers you a wide range of medical equipments that can be purchase making it convenient and accessible for all at home. The equipments have been broadly classified into the below categories and can be collectively utilized based on the specific need of the person.

Diagnostic equipment

Equipment or tools used to diagnose, test or screen at home for health conditions such as thermometer, Sphygmomanometer, Stethoscope, CBG kit etc. These are the most common equipments which are used at home towards the diagnostic purposes.

Therapeutic equipment

There are numerous medical equipment’s that can be used to treat patients and therapeutic medical equipment is one of a kind. Under therapeutic methods physiotherapy is one of the major methods used to treat patients and the equipments used are electrotherapy devices, ultrasound, laser therapy and magneto therapy equipment, high technology is used to design all these devices.

Durable equipments

Wheel chair, commodes and raised toilet seat, walker and power operated vehicles which will ultimately improve the quality of living of the patients are known as durable medical equipment. It also includes iron lungs, oxygen tents, catheters, hospital beds, mattresses which also include air mattress, semi-fowler bed, ICU functional bed, etc. Durable medical equipment is long lasting that are able to protect patients from injury.

Respiratory range equipments

Respiratory range of equipments or devices such as oxygen concentrators, CPAP, BiPAP, pulse oxymeter, nebulizers, etc support patients during recovery.

Orthopedic Support Equipments

As one gets older, dependability and support is required. These equipments assist them for their basic mobility and their well-being. Some of the support equipments are knee support for seniors, cervical Collar, complete back and neck support, ankle support, elbow support, compact low back and lumbar support, lumbar support, ortho ring, rib brace, neck pillow, surgical corset, walkers, Crutches, wheel chairs.


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