• Medical Counselling for elders

Counselling & Other Services


Our Home care rehabilitator will provide health tips for elders :

  • To deal with their medical conditions
  • To have better coping mechanism
  • Supportive Therapy
  • Solution-focused counselling
  • Crisis Intervention
Other Services

Our Home care nurses will provide skilled services that cannot be performed safely and effectively at home:

  • Injections and intravenous therapy.
  • Wound care and dressing performed by professionals with complete sterile equipment & in controlled environment.
  • Competent in catheterization.
  • Stoma care by the professionally trained personnel
  • Feeding for both the Ryles tube and jejunostomy feed by the professionally qualified personnel.
  • Arrangement for the necessary equipments like Nebuliser, BP apparatus etc.
  • Setting up of all the necessary hospital equipments like Hospital Cot (Fowlers/Semi-Fowlers), Side rails, IV stand, Alphabed, Oxygen cylinder Etc.
  • Arrangement of safety parameters like rails both in the house and in the bathrooms to prevent fall.
  • Arrangement for mobility aids like wheel chair(Manual and Powered) , walkers, tripods, quadripods, walking sticks and canes.
  • Arrangement of health tracking system if necessary.


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