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Healthabove60 offers qualified and trained nursing care at home for elders who are recovering at home after returning from the hospital or suffering from a chronic condition that requires continuous and special care or even for minor procedures like injections or dressings. This home care nursing services could be provided for a temporary or permanent basis depending upon the person’s condition and need. The nurses are equipped professionally to handle and provide medical assistance making the person feel comfortable and provide the care with compassion by making the family members feel at ease at home.

Hospital stay for the elders is not an interesting for them or even for the dependants. Since there are no options due to their age, they get admitted at the hospital. Most of the dependants want to come out of the hospital as soon as possible if the primary treatment is done. They prefer to get discharged early and return back to their homes to feel comfortable so the elders can recover quickly. But they start to wonder if the same kind of nursing care as given in the hospital is available at home? Healthabove60 provides them with this solution.

In addition to this most of the elders need palliative care at home, not only on disease based. Due to their ageing aspect, the care that needs to be provided is very important. Because of various reasons their children or dependants are interested to get the services at Home for the elders. We at HealthAbove60 provide all kinds of palliative care for elders at home.

List of home care nursing care services provided
  • Pre and Post-surgical and hospitalization care
  • All types of Orthopaedic and wound care
  • Urine catheterization & oxygen administration
  • Patient vitals monitoring (Blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, etc.)
  • IV infusions, injections and suture removal
  • General nursing care at home (minimum 4hrs to 24hrs)


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